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Thread: Periphery - Clear

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    Periphery - Clear

    So we wrote/recorded this experimental release between Summer Slaughter and our This Tour Is Personal headliner as a fun little project.

    I am so excited for everyone to hear this when it comes out, here is a video teaser and the press release:

    Periphery: Clear - YouTube

    Press release:
    Peripherals! We are happy to announce our new experiment: CLEAR

    Clear will be released in the US on Jan. 28th 2014, and for now here is a little teaser!

    Clear is an experiment to explore all of the different writing styles in the band. It's rare when you have a band where every member is capable of writing and producing music. With each member controlling their own track, this recording enabled us to go down any path we chose in terms of style and sound.

    “Every track also contains a melodic theme established in Clear's intro track Overture this common thread links all of the songs together, even though they all sound wildly different. Clear shouldn't be confused with our new 3rd full-length album that we're currently working on, nor should it be considered an EP as it rides somewhere in-between clocking in at 30 minutes. Enjoy!"

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    Hey, kickass. Seems like you guys may be continuing in more of a prog-y direction with this, based on what I'm hearing, which I'm all about. I'll be curious to hear the full release.
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    Heard some clips in there that definitely piqued my interest!

    EDIT: Just seen who wrote the two clips I preferred, and that's exactly who I thought would have written them


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    Sounds great! Looking forward to hearing all of it!
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    No Nolly and Misha's 80's Shred Album?

    on a serious note: Sounds fantastic! gonna buy this when it comes out.

    Also, any chances of the posters getting signed this time around or just wait for a chance so you guys come back to Louisiana?
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    Hmm I don't think we will be able to sign the posters before they go out since they ship from a warehouse which is nowhere near us.

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    I watched that video. Sounds good. I'm looking forward to hearing the rest

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    Sounds pretty good.

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