Hibria - Steel Lord on Wheels [Bass Shred Cover]

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Thread: Hibria - Steel Lord on Wheels [Bass Shred Cover]

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    Hibria - Steel Lord on Wheels [Bass Shred Cover]

    This is bass cover #2 since apparently I'm stoked as fuck on playing bass right now. Decided to step it up a notch (or twelve) and take a stab at some Hibria. It's a sick tune all around, but if you wanna get straight to the good stuff, skip ahead to around 2:00.

    [VIDEO]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHK2tJsc_wM]Steel Lord on Wheels - Bass Cover - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    I should also mention that there are not enough people who like this band. This is evidenced by the severe lack of tabs for their music, and why i had to spend two days learning this tune by ear, and a few more in the woodshed getting it down(ish). Lots of slops in there, but I'd rather go learn something new than keep bashing away at this for another week.


    EDIT: Changed title to more accurately reflect the contents of this video.
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