Extreme B.N.(Before Nuno)

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Thread: Extreme B.N.(Before Nuno)

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    Extreme B.N.(Before Nuno)


    [VIDEO]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ma4dcGQAkCM]Extreme - Mutha (Don't Wanna Go To School Today) original video pre-album version - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    That was Extreme-ly terrible.

    It sounds like something that would be playing in the background on an episode of "The Magic School Bus"

    'On today's episode - Little Joey skips school'

    Thank fuck for Nuno.

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    Z0MG! I'd no idea about this, thanks for posting! It seems that was The Dream, with only Gary and Paul from the "classic" Extreme line-up. "Ex-Dream", what witty characters they are!

    *redoubles Nuno-worship*

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    As much as they needed Nuno there I can't help but love 80's videos.
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    The definition of glammed up dogshit.

    I love extreme, but christ, that was bad.

    Actually, I really just love Nuno's playing. And pornograffitti is one of the best albums for guitar playing ever.

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