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Thread: Learning solos. Need help

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    Learning solos. Need help

    I've never in all the years I've played ever cared much for playing solos or felt the need to learn any. I just wanted to be like Hetfield. I'm getting to the point now that I want to start handling some lead work. I've missed out on some opportunities to play with other people because of my lack of knowledge and experience with lead work. I figured a good way to start learning was pick out some of my favorite solos and start learning them. I want to learn Bark at the Moon because I've always loved the solo. I've learned the whole song except the solo but it's pretty fast and I get lost about 5 seconds into it. Do you guys have any tips for learning solos? Any other advice for an aspiring lead player? Thanks in advance for your patience with my noob question.

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    One, maybe start with something slower (lead technique is very different from rhythm technique). I'm not sure if you're a fan or not, but David Gilmour is usually a pretty good bet.

    Two, break it up into small pieces, start slow, and work up to speed. Which is probably exactly how you learned rhythm guitar.
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    I'm not a huge Floyd fan but I love gilmour's playing.

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    I wouldn't try and learn a solo that was built for speed. Look for a solo that has more feel so you can get your timing and find the proper pitch.
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    If you're a Metallica fan, take a crack at the intro solo to "Fade to Black." Slow, melodic, and well-put-together, with a few little quick licks that are relatively simple to play if you practice them slowly and bring them up to speed.
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    Use VLC to slow it down. Tackle little phrases at a time. 4, 3, or even 2 note chunks.

    Once you've got a couple of phrases, work on connecting them.

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    What is VLC?

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    Angus Young solos are a good starting point! Highway to Hell for example contains a lot of classic licks, sounds good and isn't too complicated. Learn how to play the whole solo very slow (with a metronome or by slowing down the actual track). If a lick in particular offers more difficulties, play just that lick really slow and speed up as you get better at it then connect it to the rest of the solo.

    I think Bark at the Moon is a bit ambitious as a first solo! Most of the time, solos don't sound as hard as they are and you can lose motivation quickly. As people suggested, David Gilmour is a great starting point (listen to the solo on Mother for example) to practice bends and some blues licks. Check out: AC/DC, Pink Floyd, some Metallica (intro solo to Fade to Black), when you get more comfortable definitely check out Deep Purple (solo on Smoke on the Water is a beauty), some Guns n roses (intro to pradise city, knocking on heavens foor solo), Dire Straits (Sultan of swing first solo, then second one maybe!).

    Hope it helps

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