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Thread: Scar Symmetry find not one, but TWO new singers!

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    Scar Symmetry find not one, but TWO new singers!

    Direct from their Myspace bulletin:

    "Dear friends,

    when things went from bad to worse and we realized that it wasn't going to work out with Christian, we were faced with two options; either calling it quits, or seizing the opportunity to take the next logical step in the evolution of our sound. We chose the latter.

    We've used both growls and clean vocals in our music since day one, and with each album we've pushed the envelope of what you can do vocally in a metal band to the point where a lot of the songs on "Holographic Universe" would be hard if not impossible to sing live.
    So the question is: Is it really possible to push the vocals even further and manage to perform everything live?

    The answer is YES! Instead of hiring a new singer, we decided - some of you might already have figured it out by now - to recruit TWO singers! The idea of having two vocalists in the band is something that's been in the back of our minds for a long time, and after auditioning and rehearsing with two of Sweden's best vocalists we're thrilled, excited, stoked-beyond-belief!!!

    So let us introduce you to...

    ROBERTH KARLSSON - lead growl vocals and backing clean vocals
    Roberth was our first choice for the growling position. Jonas once called him "Sweden's finest growler", which is no overstatement. Roberth has been involved in many band throughout the years, among others Edge of Sanity and Facebreaker.

    LARS PALMQVIST - lead clean vocals and backing growl vocals
    Roberth introduced us to his long-time friend Lars, who blew us away with his powerful-yet-beautiful voice.
    You can imagine our excitement when we learned that he's a fantastic growler as well! Despite his amazing talents he's virtually unknown to the metal public, which just might change as of today!

    We are very fortunate to have found these guys. They bring to the band not only their incredible skills but also a positive vibe we haven't had for some time.

    We've posted a videoclip from when we auditioned Roberth and Lars, as a little teaser... Yes it might come across as we were drunk the entire time, which probably is very close to the truth.

    After we disclosed the news about Christian leaving Scar Symmetry, we received a lot of applications for the vocalist-spot, both from unknown and well-known singers, from all around the world.
    Though we had already decided upon Roberth and Lars, it was really cool to listen to all of you! We didn't have time to reply to everyone, so here's a big THANK YOU to all of you who made the effort to send us your stuff!

    Stay tuned for more news and updates!!!"
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    From those clips, I can't say I'm digging the clean singer that much but obviously time well tell. SS does kick mucho ass.

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    I knew Matt was gonna post this when I saw it earlier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick View Post
    I knew Matt was gonna post this when I saw it earlier.
    What can I say, you know me too well dude!

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    At least now Christian's harmonized vocals can actually be done live

    The growler guy owns, I must say. The clean vocal guy isn't bad at all, but it's weird hearing someone else do those songs...I'm sure he'll sound way better on their next album for sure. It goes to show you how talented Christian actually was though, they couldn't find just one guy to replace him.

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    Couldn't really hear much of the clean singer in that clip, but I think it's an awesome move for them. Inevitably, it would have been difficult for them to find a guy who could do both cleans and growls well, and Christian's clean singing was never my favorite part of the band.

    In a way, they're edging into the same territory that Into Eternity occupies.

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