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    Rock on the Range '14 Recap

    Had a blast this weekend, despite rain+50F on Friday and Saturday, and then getting sunburnt Sunday . I hadn't seen ANY of these bands live prior to this show, nor had I listened to many of their albums beforehand, so a lot of these comments are my first impressions.

    Rock On The Range 2014 // May 16, 17 & 18 // Columbus, OH

    Here's who I was able to see:


    I only caught the last song, but it wasn't too bad. One Dio.

    Thousand Foot Krutch

    Black Stone Cherry
    Pretty cool. Maybe two Dio's

    We Came As Romans

    Killswitch Engage
    Blew. But, they played their cover of Holy Diver, which blows, but paid some sort of tribute to Dio, so...

    Black Label Society
    Fucking rocked. Zakk's tone is terrible, as is his singing, and the songs were mediocre, but the performance was awesome.

    Living Colour
    These guys are off the wall. Total blast watching them do their thing.


    Meh. Though, Anselmo gave a shout-out to Dime that didn't come across as totally self-aggrandizing (which it generally does), so...

    Eh, some of their more hardcore, non-radio-friendly tunes were kinda cool, but largely a snooze-fest, until he drew boo's from the crowd upon mentioning the closer Sunday night (Kid Rock).

    Guns n' Roses
    I have to say, having never seen GnR in their prime, that Axl was firstly ON FUCKING TIME, and secondly, brought his A-Game (whatever that means these days ). Total blast watching him pound out the old hits, completely nightmarish watching him croon through what must be new material. Stick to the hits, buddy


    We As Human

    Rev Theory

    Blew methefuckaway. Definitely fit in that 70's throw-back style, but they did it with actual groove and style. I'd say they are one of the few bands I saw this weekend that I can say I'll be checking out an album or two.


    Texas Hippie Coalition
    Imagine Anselmo as a grotesquely overweight redneck junkie with a superiority complex. Erm, just imagine Anselmo +75lbs. And, boring music to match!

    Pop Evil
    Definitely poppy, but totally enjoyable. I don't think I'll be checking out any albums, but I'll easily make the drive to Detroit on a weeknight to see them live again.

    Fun, but forgettable.

    Theory of a Deadman

    The guitar tone was kinda shitty (likely as they were on the third and smallest stage), but they were tight, and fucking awesome.


    Suicidal Tendencies
    Fun to see live, but won't be bothering with any albums.

    Holy shit. First time seeing Slayer. Fucking awesome!

    So, yeah... Really, my first time hearing a lot of A7X songs. I could definitely hear all the "borrowed" riffs, and the lead playing left much to be desired, but damn, they put on a fucking hell of a show. Two Dio's for effort and performance.


    Monster Truck
    Another 70's throw-back band that absolutely ripped it on stage as much as they ripped up their jeans. I'll be looking for albums, and checking up on their tours.

    Heaven's Basement
    Is flooded.

    Twelve Foot Ninja
    Twelve feet too long.

    Adelita's Way
    Should go the way of the dinosaur.

    Jim Breuer Band
    Recycled jokes, but entertaining all the same.

    Blew. Shame these guys seem to be one of the more popular 70's throw-up groups.

    Miss May I

    Sounded massive. Not so much an energetic performance, but definitely very awesome. Will be seeing again.

    - Interesting aside: No other band produced more titties-on-shoulders than Mastodon. Each side of the crowd was trying to one-up the other with bigger, better breasts. In the end, everyone won

    Such awesome! Much mosh!

    Alter Bridge
    Always been kind of a sorta-fan, but now completely sold. These guys are awesome live. The albums, eh, I'll have to give them a few more passes.

    Jason Bonham LZE
    Sucked. Total nightmare on stage. They nearly fell apart on The Ocean. I mean, fucking The Ocean. They were struggling to keep their shit together while the drummer was missing beats. Rhythm is apparently not in the DNA.

    Five Finger Death Punch
    I really wanted to dislike these guys, but after about 10m, I realized that these guys didn't just take a page out of the Pantera play-book, they took the whole fucking book. Imagine seeing Pantera with two mediocre rhythm guitar players instead of one lead player, and a less exciting drummer. The performance was amazingly high energy, despite the total lack of any kind of groove. Chug, growl, rinse, repeat.

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    Man, screw Texas Hippie Coalition, their fans, and everything about them. Living in Texas and Oklahoma, I've been forced to watch them as openers way more times than anyone should (which is any amount of times.) Bunch of redneck, backwards, annoying hacks trying (poorly in a musical sense, but successfully in the marketing sense) to capitalize on the redneck fans who don't get their ignorance fix from country. The last time I saw them, the singer made some joke about raping the singers from Butcher Babies (other opening band) and I couldn't believe how the band and all of their fans though it was hilarious.

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    That's interesting that LZE sucked. They played at the venue I work at a few years ago (before I worked there) and I thought they were awesome. Then again, I'm not the biggest Zeppelin fan, so I probably just don't know the difference either way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShawnF View Post
    That's interesting that LZE sucked. They played at the venue I work at a few years ago (before I worked there) and I thought they were awesome. Then again, I'm not the biggest Zeppelin fan, so I probably just don't know the difference either way.
    Best I can tell, LZ was a *bit* sloppy on stage, but they always held it together. LZE just sounds like a bunch of guy's who love LZ but never rehearsed

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    Shame you didn't get to see Slayer with Jeff, Leon. They are a stunning band, though.
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    Zakk's guitar tone is always way too trebly. Still can't wait to see them in Berlin on July 1.
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