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    Maryland Death Fest

    I meant to make a thread last week asking if any of you mooks were gonna be there, but I didn't get a chance so I guess the next best thing is asking if any of you were there. Did anyone else partake in this insanity?

    Now I know there's only like three other guys on this board besides me that actually listen to that newfangled screamy devil music, but guys...fucking Candlemass and My Dying Bride were there - playing back to back no less - and they were both absolutely incredible.

    A bill that includes those two, plus some other newer (also awesome) doom like Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats, Windhand and Bongripper would be good enough, but then I also got to see Ulcerate, Immolation, and fucking Gorguts too. And that was just one day, out of four! At the Gates and Dark Angel headlined the first two days and absolutely tore. shit. up. Asphyx, Tankard, Misery Index, Taake, Castevet and Sarke were all badass as well.

    The only real disappointment was Agalloch. I didn't really mind that the set was mostly the new album, but the mix was totally fucked and you really couldn't hear anything but the bassist. Huge let down, but I got over it pretty quickly when At the Gates started playing.

    This was my first year and I gotta say, I was pretty impressed. Great setup, great atmosphere, and almost everyone I met was super cool. Shit, even the security guys were having a great time. I saw a few of them moshing and crowd surfing. Next year if there's even a couple bands on the lineup you have an interest in seeing, go. I tried to stick it out and see as many bands as I could and none of them were bad.

    One of the dude at No Clean Singing is doing a pretty solid multi-part write up, and this part describes the general setup and atmosphere really well. It also has pictures of the chicken man and the guy who showed up to all four days wearing a speedo with the Symbolic album cover on it.

    Metal Injection also put up a bunch of photos, including this hilarious homemade Gorguts shirt:

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    Did you catch the reformed Nocturnus?

    Gotta say, I saw Gorguts opening for Carcass a couple months back, and they bored me to tears. Love the old stuff, but the new album is a hipster snooze fest.

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    Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats = Quality

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    I think I spent Nocturnus' set grabbing food and recharging in the shade, but they had it set up so you could still hear the bands loud and clear while doing that or browsing the merch tables. They sounded pretty good As for Gorguts, I actually dug the new stuff a lot more live than I did on record. Obviously there's no beating the old stuff though. Orphans of Sickness and Obscura sounded fucking incredible, and they were just a blast to watch.

    Uncle Acid was awesome. They sounded huge, the vocals were spot on, and it was a nice chill-but-still-heavy break between Gorguts and Candelmass.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention: I doubt a lot of people on this board like Ulcerate, but their drummer is un-fucking-real. My friends and I were right up at the front and we just kept turning to each other and laughing in disbelief over the stuff he was playing. I can't tell if my drummer is going to give up drums or quit his job to woodshed after watching them. It seriously might have been the best drum performance I've ever seen.

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    I used to love Gorguts back in the day as well as Nocturnus. Saw Immolation about 18 years ago and saw Carcass with Suffocation a few years back. I would love to see a bill with all the old school DM bands, this sounded like a pretty cool deathfest!

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