Periphery - Juggernaut Studio Update (Drums)

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Thread: Periphery - Juggernaut Studio Update (Drums)

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    Periphery - Juggernaut Studio Update (Drums)

    We are back in the studio, got a nice long concept album demoed out, and now we are tracking that big bitch.
    Here is a lil update from the drum side of things:
    [VIDEO]]Juggernaut Studio Update! Drum Doing. - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    Mrak looks a bit faded

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    What's the track listing for this album?
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    it's gonna be the first track to the last track in order!

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    Beautiful, beautiful click tracks...

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    Wait a freaking minute.

    When did he start using 2 MORE TOMS!!!?

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    In the studio he always uses a bigger setup, last time it was only one rack tom because that time was personal, this time it's two.

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    Oh the puns, i can't take it

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