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Thread: Motley Crue/Alice Cooper show last night

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    Motley Crue/Alice Cooper show last night

    Paid $200 but had great seats. More than I would normally spend but hey it was a chance to see two acts that I had never seen before and MC was my gateway to metal.

    Alice Cooper was awesome and in a lot of ways it was like seeing two headline acts rather than say an opening act that you didn't care about plus the main attraction.

    He did a greatest hits set and he pulled out the snake, the frankenstien, the guillotine, the straight jacket, a sword, sexy nurse.

    Only weird thing was that he didn't really talk to the crowd like most acts.... who pause to say a few things here and there.

    Nita Strauss was good and I was surprised to see three guitarists playing at the same time.

    Motley Crue was good but I have to say Vince Neil struggles to sing, move around and get all the words. The back up singers really helped to boost the vocals and they were working hard singing and doing a stripper/hip hop cheerleader dance.

    A bit more pyro than I really cared for.... fire great, smoke great, flame thrower bass great but I don't knew ear drum busting bangs. One or two bangs fine but over and over again was excessive.

    The upside down drum kit was cool and Tommy did a solo where he played the drums to a mix of hip hop/pop/EDM songs. Which makes sense cause he did a little experiment in DJing.

    Nikki likes to ride one note and hell for extended periods had one or no hands on his bass. I've got a sneaking suspiscion that MC bass is easy to play. But he again helps out in back up singing, writing, crowd interaction etc.

    Mick really impressed me in how he fills the room with just one guitar. But I could have done without his guitar solo as he slapped on delay and played quickly creating a non musical throbbing of noise.

    Mick and Tommy are the heart to the songs as Vince is miced low (I think on purpose to hide his weak voice) and Nikki jumping in and out of the songs with the bass.

    All in all it was a decent show and it was special for me as MC has a special place in my heart. But I can't say I'd recommend the show unless you like the band, get cheap tix or are just out for a night of fun with some friends.

    Alice Cooper was excellent and I am glad I saw him as the last time I missed him when he opened for Iron Maiden and I was held up in an insanely long line up.

    Oh and I learned that cougars have leopard spots.

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    Mars' guitar is always monstrous. He was running 4 Soldano SLO-100s with a smattering of old Fryette(VHT) gear. Should have snapped a pic.

    And Nikki Sixx melted the wind wall at the venue I work with his god damn flame thrower!

    Here's a shot of my minions building the "cobra" drum thing. Our roof structure couldn't support the whole thing so they only did about 1/3 of it.

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    That's cool! I never really thought much about Mick's gear although I think I have an interview with him in a recent Guitar Player or World magazine that I've been meaning to read.

    I was happy to snap a photo of his face as he tends to stand still and hide his face under his hat.

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