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Thread: New Evergrey...

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    New Evergrey...

    [VIDEO]]EVERGREY - King of Errors (2014) // Official Clip // AFM Records - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    Nice to have Henrik and Jonas back. Nice to see them playing Jackson/Charvel, too.

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    One of my favorite metal bands. I sort of fell off the wagon after Monday Morning Apocalypse, but this is fucking awesome. Will probably pick this up.

    Edit: This sounds a bit like The Inner Circle, but with better guitar tones. I approve.
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    No Captain. No care.

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    Top notch playing. That H-S Charvel is teh sex.
    Argbadh - RHLC©

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    I like it a lot. Listened to it a couple of times now. That H-S Charvel is indeed pretty sexy. To me, Capa's and Evergrey just go hand in hand though.

    I look foward to the new album and a few possible live UK dates.

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    Sounds like Evergrey, which means I like it.

    Count me in the "now I want a Charvel" camp.

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    New Evergrey...

    I like early evergrey, before they started writing albums of ballads.
    I'm digging this one
    There is no Dana….Only XUL

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    I'm digging the shit out of's really odd to see them without Caparisons though. Now maybe just maybe we'll get another album as bitchin as Recreation Day.

    RHLC East Coast President

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