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Thread: Crossover/Crust/D Beat/Hardcore Appreciation Thread

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    Crossover/Crust/D Beat/Hardcore Appreciation Thread

    The word hardcore included with the stipulation it's the actual "sleeps in gutters, has communicable diseases" shit. If you post the modern pretty boy gauged ears tight jean short cut offs shouting about emotions shit you should re-evaluate your life right now.

    [VIDEO]]The Exploited - Beat the bastards (with lyrics) - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    [VIDEO]]Cro-Mags - Death Camps - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    [VIDEO]]Amebix - The Power Remains - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    [VIDEO]]English Dogs [full album] Where Legend Began - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    [VIDEO]]Stormtroopers Of Death - Speak English Or Die (HD) - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    [VIDEO]]Ghoul-Off With Their Heads(TRANSMISSION ZERO) - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    Local band. Not the heaviest band in this thread, and you'll probably hate the singer, but they're fun as hell The lead guitarist was a founding member of my old band, Terrorhorse, and has two other bands currently (Mulletcorpse, like a heavier Terrorhorse, and Thundertusk, sort of stoner/doom) where he plays his 8-string

    They jokingly refer to themselves as "Gluten Free Crust Punk"

    [VIDEO]]Wasted Potential at Pouzzafest 2014 - YouTube[/VIDEO]
    [VIDEO]]Wasted Potential - Slam Drunk/Pabst Smear - YouTube[/VIDEO]
    [VIDEO]]Wasted Potential - Nuclear Piss (MusicSheBlogged com-PUNK-ilation) - YouTube[/VIDEO]
    [VIDEO]]Wasted Potential - Whip It Out / Swass - YouTube[/VIDEO]
    [VIDEO]]Wasted Potential - Is This Show All Ages? / Here's Your Exit Letter - YouTube[/VIDEO]
    [VIDEO]]Wasted Potential - American Girl (Tom Petty Cover) - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    I'm pretty much exclusively old school when it comes to this stuff:

    [VIDEO]]The Prayer of Realist - G.B.H. - YouTube[/VIDEO]
    [VIDEO]]* Crumbsuckers - Just Sit There * - YouTube[/VIDEO]
    [VIDEO]]Agnostic Front - Victim In Pain - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    I guess these guys count? Semi-local, filthy as fuck and rather good.

    [VIDEO]]JOTNARR live Colchester 08/02/2013 - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    There is much awesome in this thread.
    "I'm afraid of new guitars. They're too shiny, I can't play them or take them anywhere. They might get damaged!"

    Studio6 Photography

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    S.O.D God I loved those guys

    [VIDEO]]Stormtroopers of Death - "Sargent D and the S.O.D" - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike View Post
    I'm pretty much exclusively old school when it comes to this stuff:
    The new trend of Morbid Angel/Entombed extreme crust death d-beat hardcore is pretty overblown these days, but I have to say that as much as I hate to speak nicely about it, Nails (probably the most popular band in that scene) put on one of the most intense live shows I have ever seen when they played Black Sky festival.

    I would say they are fair to good on record, but they are absolutely immense live. It was like, the mythology you hear surrounding classic 80s/early 90s shows that you really don't see anymore. Half the crowd had bloody noses or worse by the time they were three songs in, and their songs are like 2 minutes each. Six or seven people crowd surfing at any given time in a club venue. I can't remember a time I saw a live band that intensely energetic, bands like Dying Fetus/Amon Amarth/Behemoth always get pretty good pits going, but this was incredible.

    [VIDEO]]Nails - Abandon All Life (Full Album) - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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