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Thread: Remember Days Of The New?

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    Remember Days Of The New?

    Being about 14 when that first album, Touch, Peel And Stand, I totally dug it. I didn't listen to much after that album/age, but kept up with the craziness of Travis Meeks and listened to a tune of his here and there. Didn't hear anything about him for a while until that episode of Intervention, which was pretty sad.

    A few weeks back I read the original band was getting back together with Meeks and I was hopeful, thinking he cleaned his act up and maybe all the potential I heard was going to come to fruition. It appears not-

    Days of the New break up on stage | Metal Insider

    This is from their Facebook-

    "We apologize to everyone who came to see us in St. Louis tonight. We tried to make this happen, but as anyone who was at the show tonight knows, it was a very difficult situation.” The band later added, “There are many things to address here, and we don’t want to keep feeding the negativity. We do want to let it be clear that Travis was in no way pressured into this reunion. In fact, it was very much the other way around. Travis literally begged us to do this tour, on the phone, in text, and in person. He had burned so many bridges in his career that no one would hire him to play a show anymore for fear that he would not show up. He knew the original lineup would lend credibility to the project and help him rebuild his career. Unfortunately, he was not able to handle the responsibility or manage his issues.
    Here's a video from that night-

    [VIDEO]]Days of the New - dancing with the wind - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    And this was in the comments, written by the guy who filmed the vid-
    There were problems with the sound from the start, and Travis was angry. There were not very many people there and it is not a nice place. You could feel the tension. The show actually got better as it went on, more music and less rhetoric. The other 3 guys soldiered on, playing great as usual but they also appeared frustrated or unhappy imo. There were about 12 songs on the setlist which we could see on stage. Touch Peel and Stand was 8th and after the song Jessie took the mike and said something like "you have witnessed something special. that is the last song Days of the New will play together".
    How fucking sad is that?

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    I helped a buddy run sound for that pricks band in Louisville a couple years back. Dude is a total fucking cunt. I have NEVER met a bigger cunt in my life honestly. He actually believes his own bullshit. I can't put in words how much of a cunt that guy is.
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    One of my all time favorite bands. I saw them live about half a dozen times in their heyday, and a couple times after that. Drew and I saw them up in Manchester, NH in 2007, and (IMO anyway) the show was fucking fantastic - Meeks was stoned out of his mind, but he and the band killed it.

    The last time I was supposed to see them, Drew, Keith and a few of my buddies had tickets to see them in Boston maybe two years ago now. I paid something like $45 per ticket (for 5 tickets), and when we got to the bar there was nobody there. No band, no real patrons, just an empty bar and a bored looking bartender. No notice or anything, and because the ticketing agency was some shitbag site I can't remember, I couldn't get a refund.

    It's a damn shame because I think Meeks had it in him to be legendary, dude is (or at least was) a fantastic songwriter.

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    Also, found this video on another site.

    [VIDEO]]Days Of The New 2014 Reunion - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    Pathetic and disappointing. I, too, love the hell out of Days of the New - never heard the third one, actually, but I dig the first two. Dude could scream his ass off.
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    And, since any reference of Meeks ignites my fanboyism, here's the peak of his career.

    [VIDEO]]The Doors & Travis Meeks - The End.mp4 - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    Having seen the drug-addled version of him live, it's like a completely different person.

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    You guys love a shitty band
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    I remember the good ol' days.

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