Greetings friends of MG,

A new record by my two-man group Perahelion came out a few weeks ago.

Every song we wrote, we had an art piece drawn up in the back of our heads. When the time came I drew them up and animated them to compliment the tunes.

[VIDEO]]Perahelion - Encoder Decoder - YouTube[/VIDEO]

Me doing a play-through of one of our tunes.

[VIDEO]]Perahelion - Chromosomes Playthrough [Prog] - YouTube[/VIDEO]

A lot of love went into it and I hope you all enjoy.


Oh and lastly,

We had fun with our photoshoots too.

Every item in the pic represents a tune.

Red Wine- Red Matter
Astronomy for Dummies books - Astro Theory
X & Y balloons - Chromosomes
Wheel Chair (song ends in a hospital) - IOTAs121

It was that or acting hard in the middle of a forest. hehe