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On the morning October 5, 2014; Bernie Versailles suffered an aneurysm and was rushed to the emergency room for an operation. Many of you may know, and love Bernie as family, a friend, or as a fan of his amazing talented guitar playing, songwriting, and musical endeavors with "Agent Steel", "Engine", "Redemption", and most recent "Masters of Metal" along with his other projects. Bernie is a fighter and is prone to overcoming odds; he's very kind, gentle, giving and humble. His personality and soul is unmatched and his marks on people's lives is undeniable.

Every day he is in the hospital is very costly. This page was created to assist his family, Soma and his young children Sevina and Apollo with expenses that are accruing. Every dollar and prayer helps a very loved soul who has given his heart and talent to the world. Thank you all so much. Let's assist Bernie Versailles in his rehabilitation and on the way in making a full recovery. - See more at: Bernie Versailles • get well fund | Other - YouCaring
I've personally spent some time with Bernie. He's the nicest, friendliest, most laid back person you could ever want to meet. He's got a long road ahead of him and could really use any help we can give him.