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Thread: Pandora vs Spotify

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    Pandora vs Spotify

    I still haven't checked out Spotify. Since there's a free version, on one hand, there's little incentive to NOT try both, I guess, but thus far I've mostly been a (free) Pandora user, listening on one earbud while crunching numbers.

    Couple questions:

    • Does Spotify also have more of a "randomized" radio-like mode, like Pandora, in addition to user-directed playback?
    • Does one seem to have a better catalog than the other?
    • Are there major differences in audio quality with the free mode? The paid mode?
    • Should I feel "better" about streaming music on one vs the other?
    • If one of the things I'm looking to do is discover new artists in genres I like, would you recommend one over the other?
    • Noodles?

    Eventually I'll grab a paid subscription to one of them, but I'm not sure yet which. Thanks!
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    yes, and I like their algorithm better
    Spotify seems to
    Somewhat, but not terribly noticable
    not sure
    not really

    I have the paid Spotify, and it's completely worth it to me to have ad-free and song-specific selection on all of my devices. The other thing to mention is that in the free versions, Pandora seems to have more ad diversity. When I only had free Spotify, it was like Hulu in that I'd hear the same ads over and over.

    Spotify free vs Spotify premium: What's the difference? - Pocket-lint

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    I only use the free versions of both, and here's my perspective:

    I like Pandora more for random selection, but Spotify seems to have higher sound quality.

    From what I've been told, the paid version of Spotify is hands down the way to go. I believe the free version on a laptop/computer is essentially very similar to the paid version on mobile devices, so if you try it on a computer first you will get a very good idea.

    So if I'm in a mood for very specific stuff, it's Spotify. For variety, it's Pandora.

    On a side note, and I think this is pretty funny, but since I travel a lot, I notice Spotify's ads are based on my current location, which doesn't make a lot of sense sometimes, but Pandora's ads are still home-based.

    So I'm sorry Spotify, but I'm not switching my power/electric over to Georgia Power, as you so pleaded for yesterday.

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    Up until recently I had a free version of Spotify I used for maybe 3 or 4 times in the last 5 years. I just resigned my phone contract when I got my Note 4 and got 24 months free subscription and I've not bothered putting any music on my phone at all.
    Ad-free and the ability to save all my tracks for off-line play (including on my phone) is fucking awesome.
    Plus y'know, my shitty band is on Spotify, so that helps.


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    I have both paid versions.

    Pandora -
    I have been a user since basically launch in 2005 and I have a few stations that are that old and I have cultivated over the years. I think that if you use Pandora and give it a moderate amount of feedback, it will provide you with a great avenue to find new bands and things similar to what you are listening to already. The paid version lets you stream higher quality on a mobile device if that matters to you at all. There was a time when Pandora would only let you listen to 40 hours a month of music and that is why I got the paid version because I was blowing thru that in a week. There are also no commercials in the paid version. You are still limited to 6 skips an hour tho.

    Spotify -
    The "radio" feature SUCKS compared to Pandora in my experience. The listen on demand however, is awesome. I will usually call up an artist I find on Pandora and then listen to other songs from their catalog. I also enjoy the amount of music available because I have some weird semi local artists and even that music is there. The only advantage to paying for Spotify is the no commercials.

    If you are looking for discovering music, then Pandora is the way to go IMO. If you want to just have the ablity to listen to what ever you want when you want then Spotify is good for that

    Another thing to read is this article about Spotify and the music industry:
    Taylor Swift: Why Taylor Swift Pulled Her Music From Spotify

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    I used to use Spotify Free but then I found out about the Google Music app and just use that since I can stream my entire iTunes on there for free. I use Pandora for when I want to get into something new.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lopez View Post
    I used to use Spotify Free but then I found out about the Google Music app and just use that since I can stream my entire iTunes on there for free. I use Pandora for when I want to get into something new.
    I do the paid Google Play All Access thing, and I love it. $8 a month for unlimited streaming of their (extensive) catalog, and you get a good chunk of storage to upload your own library as well. I don't use the radio functions a ton so I can't comment on them, but it seems like they've expanded them significantly since I started using it. It does regularly suggest stations based on stuff in my library though.

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