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Thread: Iron Heel (a.k.a. I maketh now Doom)

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    Iron Heel (a.k.a. I maketh now Doom)

    So, after I said to myself almost a year ago "I don't have time for beeing in a band anymore", I started to sell actually most of my gear recently...started with spare parts etc., and then finally made a list with the Diezel, the cab and the pedals...but I just could not do it. So, no kidding, I am shitting around with putting the ads online for an hour or so, when suddenly the chat window pops up, and a friend is asking me if I want to join their band as they were searching for a second guitar player for almost a year already. I know 2 of the guys for 15 years or so already, and with all our previous bands, we played so often together - it does not even feel "new" playing with them. Also, we are all on the same "path" here, no one wants to "make it" or anything, and it's not about beeing the most original. It's about playing riffs we love through fucking loud tube amps with shitloads of distortion. I really enjoy it.

    TL;DR: I joined a doom band, free download of the album (and also the older demo) here:

    Book Of Grief | Iron Heel

    For typical Sabbath riffing check out the titel track, for a bit more of "paradise lost in minor" with a Danzig-like erotic swing go for Mountain Throne...and as we were all 90s hardcore kids, check Seance for Crowbaresque uptempo.

    obligatory facebook linkage:
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    HEAVY as fuck Sent a couple squiggles ($?) your way and downloaded it. Have fun rocking out with your friends. Sounds stellar.

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    Thanks man, highly apprecciated!

    New recordings, including my contribution then already, will be done within next year.

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    Man, this is awesome. Perfect doom guitar tone/production.

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