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Thread: Consolidated "Zero Mantra" Spam Thread

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    Consolidated "Zero Mantra" Spam Thread

    EDIT - this was getting totally out of hand, so we merged everything into one thread.

    What My oft-referenced debut album, "Zero Mantra," has finally been released.

    What is it? Thirteen tracks of instrumental rock, spanning about 67 minutes, and likely to appeal to fans of Joe Satriani, Andy Timmons, John Petrucci, or anyone who's ever joked about how my album will never be released. Which is another way of saying, "almost every member on this site."

    What can I do? Buy! Buy! Buy! Buuuuuuuuy my new record! Send! Send! Send! Seeeeeend more money!*

    Where can I buy it? A whole bunch of places, really, but for now CD Baby for physical copies and iTunes for mp3 downloads is probably the easiest.

    Anything else? Yeah, a couple things. If you do buy it, don't absolutely loathe it, and wherever you buy it from lets you post reviews, I'd be grateful if you took the time to review it. I'll take honesty over gushing -it's probably more helpful to anyone who's thinking of buying it than "OMG DREWS NIPPLES TASTE OF ARDBEG AND ABERLOUR HE'S SO AMAZING"** Also, play it for anyone you think might like it.

    If you want to rip it to mp3 and send them a couple tracks or whatever I don't mind, but encourage them to buy it if they really enjoy it - I figure that's a fair enough way of looking at piracy that's advantageous to all parties involved.

    Also, I have a new website to go with the album: Drew Peterson – Instrumental Guitarist. There's not a ton there so far, some gear pictures, links to where you can buy my music, a lessons page I'll be populating a little more fully in coming months, and a blog which eventually I'll be posting a lot of recording information on, but for the time being is mostly me just geeking out about, "holy shit, I have an album!". Give that a look too, and if you're interested you can subscribe for email updates.

    Lastly, if you know any good blogs or websites that review instrumental guitar music that you think would appreciate my particular flavor of the genre, mention them to me, because I'm pretty new to this self promotion thing, which is probably why I'm quoting Tool and adding footnotes.

    That's all well and good, but how about some music?

    Sure - I'll update this as I post new tracks, so I don't have a million youtube spam threads here. I hate those things too.

    "Red Skies":

    "Letting Go":

    "No Regrets"

    *Googling "Tool hooker with a penis lyrics" to make sure I wasn't remembering them wrong while at work was one of the bravest things I've ever done.
    **I'm pretty sure they don't, but to be fair I've never tried.
    Last edited by Chris; 01-14-2015 at 10:15 PM. Reason: Merged all of the ZM threads, woohoo!
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    Woo hoo! How are you feeling about it? Excited? Nervous? Relieved?

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    Quote Originally Posted by robanomoly View Post
    Woo hoo! How are you feeling about it? Excited? Nervous? Relieved?
    Probably all of the above.

    It's awesome to put this project behind me, finally, after all these years, and move on to some new material. But at the same time, there's a lot of vulnerability that comes with releasing a project you've worked on for so long to the general public - what if people think it sucks? I guess I'm pretty ok with that possibility - god knows I'm my own hardest critic and I think there are definitely ways this could have been better - and I'm sure there are going to be people who think this sucks and if it sells enough that it spreads beyond this board and gets talked about elsewhere I'm sure I'll read plenty of vitriol about all the ways I fail as a guitarist. However, I have fairly thick skin and I've seen a little bit of that (only a little, thankfully) on my Youtube channel already so I don't think it'll really phase me. We'll see though.

    For now, I've started writing for a follow-up, and it feels good to be working on new riffs and melodies.

    Also, since there's a link to Drew Peterson – Instrumental Guitarist on the inside cover, I figured I should probably update it so I spent the weekend starting a (still very crude) Wordpress site to replace my old shitty hand-coded site from 2005. It's rough and it needs a lot of work, but that will come. For now I have much better pictures of my main guitars on it, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drew View Post 53

    \m/ No updated delivery date yet, but Disc Makers has been estimating the 7th-9th.
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    I genuinely can't wait for this dude.


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