So I went and saw Kyng, Seether and Paparoach last night and this other band called Islander. So here is my brief review.

Islander- Only heard two songs by them by the time we got there, I was not to impressed, of course there sound was not that great and not sure if it was the venue or just them. But the guitarist trying doing backup vocals was painful and over all I just got this douchebag feel from them.

Kyng- kicked some major ass, I have only heard one of their songs off the record so not sure the rest sounds, but in concert they were great. Nice thick tone from that two channel recto, I almost bet he had red channel cloned to orange. Vocally the lead singer could sit in for sound garden if they ever needed, was very close to Chris's voice and used chorus like Chris does on the vocals. The bassist also makes a great back up singer.

Guitarist used the same guitar all night, when they did the cover of hot for teacher he took two minutes to completely retune his guitar and then after the song tuned it back down. They did a really good job on the cover, he wasn't perfect on the solo but hey you try following Eddie's footsteps. I will upload the minute clip I have of it later and add it to this post, all the versions I found on youtube are lacking bottom end and do not even do it justice as seeing it live, is Apple the only phone with a decent MIC these days?

Seether- I know most people do not care for them, but I like them so screw you if you dont Anyway as they always are very tight and sounded great live, even without the rectifiers they still sounded heavy going through the blackstars I Still much preferred them with rectifiers. I was actually shocked they did not play careless whisper but they managed to get all their other hits.

Paparoach- we did not stay for them, I liked their older stuff but the newer stuff has not really done anything for me, we heard they were playing their whole new album in its entirety so we decided not to stay due to that and also both me and my cousin have bad back problems and I think we were just done. Sad when a 17 year old girl (her not me) already has bad back problems, of course her boyfriend and the other girl we were with also where happy to leave.

Overall it was a decent show, The filmore at silverspring, md is a great venue.