Peavey getting backlash for 'Undercover Boss' episode

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Thread: Peavey getting backlash for 'Undercover Boss' episode

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    Peavey getting backlash for 'Undercover Boss' episode

    Undercover Boss Recap - Peavey Peeves Its Workers: Season 6 Episode 12 "Peavey Electronics" | Celeb Dirty Laundry

    I have no idea what the fuck this show is or exactly what happened, but a few guitar groups I'm on on Facebook have blown up over this. Something to do with how they treated a couple of long-term employees.

    Peavey have deleted their Facebook or at least suspended it for the time being due to the whole thing, and their twitter is full of people spitting feathers and saying they'll never buy another Peavey product.

    Man, you gotta love real-time sensationalism and knee-jerk reactions Go technology!
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    i waded through that recap, which was kind of painful. What's the scandal, exactly?
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    Well judging from that article, this is probably the part people are upset about:

    Court says they had a program where they were paying for continuing education and when they pulled it, she had to drop out. He says he’s going to pay for her to pay off her old schooling and give her $10k to work on her advanced degree. He says the vacation cutback was something they had to do and says he’s going to give she and her husband that third week off and gives them $10k to take an RV vacation like she wants. She’s happy and teary. Court says he can pay $10k toward her son’s tuition and she says she feels like she’s dreaming. She says she feels much more appreciated now.

    Next is Michael who says he didn’t mean to bust him. He asks if he can make a counter-offer to keep Michael at the company. He offers him $10k toward his student loans then $5k to start a college fund for his kids. He then gives him $15k to help take care of his mom and Michael is floored. The poor guy starts crying and says it’s life changing.

    Four months later, Peavey lays off more employees. They decided they can’t keep on with the majority of their US-made projects. They relocated people and gave them as much notice as possible.

    Teresa says they got a 60 day notice that the doors would close and that Court and Hartley neither one showed up and she feels like they were done wrong. Michael is frustrated that he missed out the job he had lined up. He says they offered him a skeleton crew job and says they ruined his shot.

    Teresa says her husband still has a job but she doesn’t and says she feels like she deserves better. Court says they had to do it for the greater good of the business.

    We see a note that the company is still trying to make good on the promises they made to Ajay, Michael and Teresa. Wow – the company owners came out looking like jerks. It seems like they had to know they were going to shut down that plant and to talk Michael out of taking a job to support his family to stay while they shut down is crappy. #WorstBossEver
    TL;DR because yeah, that recap was incredibly poorly written : They convinced a guy to stay after he said he wanted to pursue another opportunity, then started laying people off a few months after the show aired and kinda fucked him. They laid off the husband of another employee who appeared on the show as well.

    I've seen this show a few times and it always makes me kind of uncomfortable. The CEO goes undercover and meets a bunch of his/her employees, and learns that many of them are struggling with money, or have dreams they can't chase because of their job or whatever. At the end he gives them a bunch of money (which he probably makes in an afternoon), everybody cries, and it's all very good PR.

    Now obviously they choose employees who have some personal struggle because it makes for good TV, but I still can't help but think about how many of them have been struggling like that for years and nobody at these companies gave a shit until they were on camera, or how there are probably plenty of other employees who are also struggling. The show is clearly supposed to be this heartwarming thing about the out-of-touch but well-meaning CEO learning what it's really like to work for his company and then doing right by his employees, but it just comes off as cynical to me.

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    Peavey shuts down American factory, American's are pissed and comment on their iPhones.

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    Just plain old bad all around.
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    Ahh, ok - all of that was left out of the write-up (probably because it wasn't part of the show). That's a bit crap.

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    Yeah sorry it was lazy research on my part, I'm on my phone and couldn't find any great detail, that shitty article was the first thing I came across that had any resemblance of what people were talking about. I just keep getting told to "just watch the episode"

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    I think with large companies you'd be hard pressed to find one where some people are not treated well.

    I think you'd have to go to boutique type companies that have tiny numbers of employees if any at all..... Even then there's no assurance.

    But I think there are degrees if the employees were chained to the assembly line with no breaks and I humane conditions that would motivate me to reconsider my next purchase.

    Then again I buy mainlY used so companies rarely see my money anyways.

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