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Thread: I'm no country music fan...

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    I'm no country music fan...

    … but holy shit, Brad Paisley can play.


    Check out the solo at 2:42… great tone and phrasing… and did he actually sneak in a sweep arpeggio?

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    Obligatory Brad Paisley post:


    Saw this years ago and realized most of what he does is generic country but that he's got the chops to pull out at any moment to immediately shut up anyone criticizing him

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    Brad is a monster player. His songs are generic Nashville music row, but he's making bank.

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    I've always thought this guy was underrated and could play like a mother.

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    Saw he and his band bust out a killer version of "East Bound and Down" once. It was fucking awesome. Wish I could find video of it.

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    Wow, have him play that lick on a Paul or super strat through a high gain amp and you've got an 80's power ballad solo from hell.
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    I picked up on Brad Paisley when I heard "You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive" on Justified. It has a bit of a "new grass" sound to it like Nickel Creek or Gillian Welch. (Yes, I listen to all kinds of music)

    But he has a set of pipes on him and he and guys like Zach Brown can play.
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    I've seen him live, and yes he can shred the poo out of a guitar. He's, no doubt, a monster.

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