The reason AJFA has no bass? Blame Lars

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Thread: The reason AJFA has no bass? Blame Lars

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    The reason AJFA has no bass? Blame Lars

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    I don't know that this surprises me.
    All I can ask is that I suck a little less each time I pick up my guitar...

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    I read this the other day. But I thought I'd seen a video where Lars and James had already spoken about it, how it was essentially another part of the 'hazing' they subjected Newsted to when he joined. In any case, I didn't even know what producing or mixing was back then. I just LOVED the sound of AJFA. And while learning Blackened the other day, I came to the conclusion that the guitar sound on that album is a very large part of how I generally want heavy guitars to sound and feel.

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    Me too Cassidy
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    This is a pretty cool interview with Fleming Rasmussen and he touches on the subject:

    Newsted himself was less than happy with the results, later remarking, "The Justice album wasn't something that really felt good for me, because you really can't hear the bass.”

    Flemming Rasmussen agrees: "It's inaudible. Jason, Toby and I are probably the only people who know what the bass parts actually sounded like on that album, and that's down to Lars and James. I didn't mix Justice — Steve Thompson and Mike Barbiero were already hired to do that before I became involved with the project, and after Lars and James heard their initial mixes the first thing they said was, 'Take the bass down so you can just hear it, and then once you've done that take it down a further 3dBs.' I have no idea why they wanted that, but it was totally out of my hands, and I didn't even know about it until the album had been released. When I heard it, I went, 'What?' I wasn't too keen on it, either.”

    In Rex Brown's autobiography, he mentions how Lars and James let them hear ...And Justice after they finished in the studio -the Pantera guys asked where the bass was - Lars and James cracked-up and were gloating about how they purposely did it to fuck with Newsted...

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    What a fucking stupid reason to do something like that. Haze the new guy, sure, but don't let it fuck with the integrity of your work.

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    The funniest part is where Lars asks 'so what happened to the bass?'. Dick.

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