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Thread: New Arch Enemy feat. Jeff Loomis

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    New Arch Enemy feat. Jeff Loomis

    The official video for the song "Stolen Life" (2015 version) from Swedish / Canadian / American metallers ARCH ENEMY can be seen below. This brand-new version of the track, which has just been made available digitally, features additional lead/solo parts by new ARCH ENEMY guitarist Jeff Loomis (formerly of NEVERMORE).

    The "Stolen Life" video was directed and produced by Carlos Toro V. of Abysmo Films. It was filmed in Chile during ARCH ENEMY's early 2015 tour of South America.

    Read more at Arch Enemy Releases New Version Of '''Stolen Life''' Featuring Guitarist Jeff Loomis -
    Well it seems Jeff is fitting the band quite nicely with his solos.

    EDIT: I am sorry I meant to finish the Title with "New Arch Enemy Music Video."
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    Actually, tbh I like it A LOT better with this girl than Angela Gossow.
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    I can dig it.
    I can't really think of anything I haven't enjoyed Loomis in honestly

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    It seems to me like that song needed to be at least 2 minutes longer. There were a lot of really cool ideas, but they all blazed by so quickly it was hard to get in and enjoy them.

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    Pretty good for them IMO. Would listen to more.

    But OH MY GOD. I cannot watch the video. The camera going around people like that is just so obnoxious.

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    Being an Arch Enemy fan and a big Nevermore fan, I fond of seeing and hearing Loomis in the band. It's taking me a little while to get used to the new vocalist, but I'm definitely starting to like her growls.

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    Cool for Jeff. Hopefully on the next album, he'll contribute and help fix the stale song writing this band has had for the last several albums.
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    This sounds like an In Flames B-Side.

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