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Thread: Rock on the Range 2015 : Recap

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    Rock on the Range 2015 : Recap


    All told, a great way to spend a weekend! My sister and I drove down to Columbus Thursday night and stayed at my aunt's place, and headed up Friday first thing. Wifey and our German exchange student came out Friday night, and all Saturday. They couldn't make it Sunday, so my brother drove up from KY. It was actually the first time I've been to a concert/music-event with both siblings, so it was totally cool




    Shaman's Harvest.
    Pretty basic, but pretty hooky, and they were great performers.

    Highly Suspect.
    I wanted to hate these guys the instant they took the stage . But, they got down, and I enjoyed their set.

    We Are Harlot.

    Man, hard to tell. All I could hear was bow-noise .

    Young Guns.

    VERY awesome! They've got a new singer (didn't know that), and he nailed all those old parts. Great performers!

    Breaking Benjamin.
    Not really into the music, but a pretty good act to watch live.

    Holy dog-shit on stale bread. Blah. I'd have gone to see Hatebreed instead, who played at the same time, but we were hungry as hell, and in-line for Island Noodles

    Slash w/ Myles Kennedy.
    Pretty good stuff, aside from Myles seemingly not being very comfortable on stage, and Slash looking like he could give a shit... which, I suppose, is part of his schtick

    Marilyn Manson.
    Mailed it in. Blah. He can still belt out those Antichrist Superstar hits, but his schtick is terribly dated and old. Alice Cooper's act has aged better.

    Came to hate, but can't. I mean, the albums are terrible, but holy SHIT, what a live show. I'd go see them again, 10/10.


    Red Sun Rising.
    More radio-friendly rock, but not bad. Pretty fun to see live.

    Saint Asonia.
    "Super" group. Meh.

    Fucking AWESOME. 5/5 . Vid for lolz.

    Fucking AWESOME. I hope I can rock that hard when I get that old

    Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts.
    Ehh. Weiland was better here than he was in that Vasoline video going around, where he looks half dead. This weekend, he was only 2/5ths dead.

    Baby Metal.
    I actually enjoyed the show

    In This Moment.

    Papa Roach.

    Fuck yeah. 10/10 will see again!

    Judas Priest.
    Who said Halford isn't what he used to be? Sweet Jesus, the guy tore the place up, I couldn't imagine him being more ON. Despite not being very mobile around stage, he sang his chaps off!


    September Mourning.

    Holywood Undead.

    The Pretty Reckless.
    Meh. We actually left these guys early to go catch...

    Fucking awesome. Total 70's vibe rock act, but a total blast to see live! I saw them last year, and they were just as awesome.

    Hardly worth noting, since you all know these guys basically ripped every other band in half the whole weekend.

    Actually kicked lots of ass. Definitely the only chick-fronted rock band that doesn't need to rely on the sex-factor to put on a good show.

    .... So, due to some storm issues, there were some delays, and band start/end times were getting compressed, so I only had time for a few songs before getting back to the mainstage for the next act, but it was cool seeing these guys again. I'm still totally a freshman-release-er with you, Mr Bulbs

    Pretty standard kickassery. Again, not a real fan of some of their later tunes, but still a great live band.

    Rise Against.

    Linkin Park.

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    Yeah, the band Live has always been solid. Glad to hear their new singer is keeping up. Their old singer went batshit crazy and got a massive ego. Thought he was the only person in the band who mattered. He does solo gigs now, in smaller clubs, that no one cares about

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    sucks about apocalyptica they're usually pretty fun live for a bunch of guys who have to sit down half the time.

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    fuckin' A dude, great post. I saw Shaman's Harvest open for Alice in Chains about 8 years ago. I thought they were a decent 90's rock act.

    I saw Breaking Benjamin about 11 years ago, I liked them then, they are ok.

    Manson would have been kick ass to see 10-15 years ago on Ozzfest tour. Regret missing those due to being a tool at the time.

    The only time I went to see Slipknot at a festival they cancelled. But I have tickets to see them with Lamb of God in August and I'm totally excited to see both, but more the latter.

    I saw Sabaton last month and they are pretty fuckin kick ass, they opened for Nightwish/are on tour with them right now.

    I saw Papa Roach and Godsmack at a Festival so long ago I don't really remember. Not a big fan of either particularly, but Godsmack has some great tunes.

    I should go see Judas Priest tonight but ugh. Not feeling it. Will regret it.

    I'd really like to see Periphery, they are the only band of that genre I could give a fuck about. All cool dudes, maybe I only say that because they post here. But I have a boner for a Nolly bass.

    That Halestorm video isn't helping my Explorer/Destroyer gas. Good thing all the ones I like are WAY out of my budget.

    ps which ones your sister, the other with the big beard?

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    L to R: Bro, Sis, Me.

    Definitely go see JP. Rob is getting pretty long in the tooth, but can still rip!

    I saw Manson in ~98 on the Antichrist Superstar tour. The energy and performance were incredible. Completely and utterly set the bar for me for what a good time was . These days, I'd rather stay at home and mow my lawn than drive 30m with free tickets to see him again.

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    Man, I raised my eyebrows at the Slipknot comment, I loved Slipknot as a teenager and I still like Jim Root a lot. Then I saw god smack was labeled 10/10 so I wasn't sure if serious or not
    ^ probably sarcasm.

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    I wouldn't buy another Slipknot album, but I'd go see them live everytime.

    I *might* buy another Godsmack album, and I'll definitely go see them live, everytime.

    I hope that clears it up for you

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