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Thread: Worst gig fuckups

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    Worst gig fuckups

    Off the back of Teddy's thread, I thought it'd be interesting to see what the worst fuckups at gigs you guys have had?
    As I said in Teddy's thread, we got main support slot for one of my favourite bands, Heart of a Coward. During that time we had;
    *Our drummer ruined his bottom snare skin half way through the first song
    *Bassist fell off the 4ft high stage during our second song (sober, may I add)
    *Other guitarists wireless cut out half way through the 2nd song
    *My jack decided it wanted me to djent and kept cutting out

    Despite all that, it went surprisingly well, and we sold a load of merch that night

    What are your tales from the stage?


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    *reading this thread day of my first gig*
    ^ probably sarcasm.

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    The absolute worst gig fuckup I ever had was in December 2007, I believe. It was the last show with our drummer at the time because he never practiced and was, by far, the weak link in the band. Well, we'd played quite a few live shows with him before and he'd never done any "major" fuck-ups. But in this final show with him, it was like he was drunk and high out of his mind. He missed almost all of the tempo changes, couldn't keep a steady beat, kept losing track of where "one" was, dropped his drum sticks a couple times, missed re-entries into songs, and just did pretty much everything you could possibly imagine would be wrong. As a result, the other guitarist couldn't match up with his drums, the bass player couldn't match up with his drums, my guitars and vocals couldn't match up with his drums, and... Ugh... It was the worst live experience I've ever had. It also didn't help that his drums were insanely loud in the mix...

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    Last year, my band (which is basically no more) supported Kremated (a London based Thrash/Hardcore band) and it was the most embarrassing thing ever.
    I had lost a lot of motivation in terms of practicing because of one of my typical confidence dips so I rarely practiced. Was sloppy as shit. Then our drummer never turned up to rehearsals so our general timing was awful and he was fucking up all over the place, including starting a Slayer-esque 160bpm beat before the song even kicked in (it had a slow drum-less intro) Not to mention our vocalist was overcompensating for having been nervous and quiet at the first gig by saying a load of edgy shit and speaking in the 'ard man' voice.
    And also, at our first gig I completely forgot a whole chunk of the structure to the Slayer ripoff (tbf, it was a stupidly long and repetitive song) so timing went off and we were all looking at each other awkwardly trying to work out where to go from there.
    Lesson learned: Get a fully committed lineup and practice/rehearse your butt off before gigging.

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    Cool thread...good luck Teddy! I have two good ones. First is the one and only time I tried the Yngwie over the shoulder guitar flip and I sent my guitar against a very firm support post...kabaaaam through the amp and PA. Second, on Rush and Boston tunes I used a Scholtz Rockman with my amp through the board with the full tilt delay/chorus setting going. The input jack plugs had become spotty and while playing loud through a PA in a club the input jack fucked up and when that happens the unit basically puts out what sounds like a police siren..in a very bad way. It cleared the immediate area quickly, Red Sector A was done for the night, direct to front of house gone bad 25+ years ago.
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    Well my bandmate in high school (also best friend) started a nirvana cover a whole or half step below where it should be (his guitar was down a step below the band, for his other band). That was hilarious, since we had joked with him that he'd do it before we went on .

    I once booked an out of town band, and was very excited to open for them (high school days). When I was supposed to play a solo, I went to my neck pickup and couldn't figure out why there was no sound. At the end of the solo break, I realized the volume on my neck pickup was off .

    My first show in Illinois in March, I didn't realize I had improperly tuned my guitar and was a half step out for an entire song... that I start .

    Good times.
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    bunch kids moshing on acid hit me and popped a string out of my floyd. didn't have a back up guitar back then because i was poorballs. spent 2 minutes securing and retuning string. much heckling was had.

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    Only ever had one bad gig where everything went wrong. It was our last show before the big outdoor festival we played last year, so it was our "warm up" show for that.

    Drummer lost a few sticks, I forgot the words to a song and started over (forgot them again but kept going), and our bassist dropped his bass and bolted off stage mid-song, only to return and pick up again at the bridge. Turns out he really had to shit

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