New Soilwork Single and Album: "The Ride Majestic."

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Thread: New Soilwork Single and Album: "The Ride Majestic."

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    New Soilwork Single and Album: "The Ride Majestic."

    The album comes out August 28th and features also Chuck Billy.

    I loved the direction these guys went with "The Living Infinite" and it seems they are moving forward in a great manner.
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    I would never admit to liking anything that risked my trve kvlt cred.

    But I fucking loved The Living Infinite. This rules.

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    Yeah this kicks ass.

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    I love it in compressed metal songs how the song seems to get quieter the more instruments are added

    That said, this is fantastic.

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    Fuck yeah.
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    Man, I don't know what it is, but I just can't get into newer Soilwork. It's not a bad song, there's nothing in particular wrong with it, there's some cool stuff going on, but it just doesn't grab me.

    Sucks because I fucking love Soilwork and I can't really figure out WHY I don't care for the newer stuff even though it pretty much still sounds like Soilwork.

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    Always been a fan of these guys.

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    yeah as much as I liked the 'old' soilwork their new stuff is great. They went through a period of not being very good then just started cranking out beastly albums every 2 years.

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