New out of tune Chris Holmes song.

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Thread: New out of tune Chris Holmes song.

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    New out of tune Chris Holmes song.

    It's not great.


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    The first video (They all lie and cheat) actually had me scratching my head, even tho I was wondering if he really was that washed up but I mean, he's not even drinking anymore... The following videos was not nearly as ridicolous and with this one I'm 100% convinced he's just joking

    I like this one hahaah

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    The fuck? This is the guy who played the guitar solo on I Wanna Be Somebody?

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    Well, that's impressively awful.
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    I was going to say it is hard to believe this is the same guy from the picture below, but then when I look back and think how I figured he'd die within the year after watching his interview in DoWCII, I guess not...

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