If you never got to see the real Floyd, go see Brit Floyd.

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Thread: If you never got to see the real Floyd, go see Brit Floyd.

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    If you never got to see the real Floyd, go see Brit Floyd.

    I'll preface this by saying Floyd was my first concert ever when I was 11 and it really skewed my idea of a 'show' for years to come. After Floyd I saw Vai 2 years later.....no lasers? No pigs? No videos?

    My dad bought my girlfriend and I tickets to see Brit Floyd for last night in Miami. I watched a few small clips online but didn't want to spoil anything for myself. I saw that they had their stage show pretty tight and that's all I cared to spoil myself with.

    They opened with the first half of Dark Side, which was pretty cool. Not only were the lights dead on for putting a stadium show inside of a theater, but the sound was OUTSTANDING. They had the Fillmore fuckin' shaking several times.

    The single, most important thing about Floyd to me, is Gilmour. I don't give a fuck about Floyd without him and the band wouldn't have been shit without him in it. Didn't even bother to see the Wall tour each time I had the chance because without Gilmour it's just an expensive Floyd tribute band.

    I knew the guys would have the notes down....but nailing that tone......that's something else. I'd say for the better part of the night, they were like 90% there. When they played "On The Turning Away" I just about cried....they fucking NAILED it so damn perfectly.

    The bassist does a lot of the vocals and the dude can pull off Gilmour really well, but with Waters....HOLY SHIT! Guy sounded just fucking like him....that same strained, vulnerable voice.....really amazing.

    My only gripe was that the show went a bit too long. A quarter of the audience left after "Run Like Hell", assuming the show was over....I got up to do so and they started in with "Waiting For The Worms" then finished with "The Trial"....the last 15 minutes were a bit much.

    I don't know what my dad paid for the tickets, but it was fucking worth it. I know I mentioned not going to see Roger Waters, but I'd assume these tickets were a bit less than the prices I saw on Waters.

    Oh yeah, the chick they had sing "Great Gig"....Jesus.....she brought the fucking house down.

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    Awesome mate, I have only heard gloriuos things about Brit Floyd (and also about The Australien Pink Floyd, fwiw).

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    I'd definitely catch the Australian Floyd any chance I got, I know a couple years ago they were like the 3rd largest grossing touring act that year, amongst Lady Gaga and some other poptart.

    Oh yeah, during the intermission and at the end, on the circular screen, one of the messages said:

    All Guitar And Bass Tones Brought To You By Fractal Audio Axe-FX Systems, with a big Fractal logo.

    I know it wasn't an entirely true statement, one of the guitarist had a synth pick-up on his Strat and the other guy has posted a ton of YT videos of him using some different pedals to cop Gilmour tones. Actually, my only complaint about the guitar sounds was that it almost like they had piezo's on the guitars and had that signal slightly mixed in with whatever sound they were using. I kept hearing this super bright string 'pop', like REALLY new, bright strings....didn't matter what sound the guys were using, I kept hearing it. I'm probably the only one in the crowd that did....

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    A bunch of my friends caught the show at Red Rocks a few weeks ago and I couldn't go. Heard it was absolutely amazing.

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