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Thread: Stormzone new album - Seven Sins (videos & chat!)

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    Stormzone new album - Seven Sins (videos & chat!)

    Hi guys,

    I recorded this album in my fairly basic home studio at the start of the year (I actually did some guitar tracks on Christmas day and Boxing day to get a head start, so you can really feel the turkey and roast potato influence) using my trusty AxeFX Ultra for all the guitar parts, and a SansAmp for the bass - turned out not too bad, considering lol

    While writing it last year, it turned into a concept album which was always going to be a risky move, but it has given us some opportunities to get in-depth with the back-story etc which is kind of interesting if you end up liking the album.

    Anyways, here's a little snippet in the form of a trailer:

    And in the twelve days running up to the release on August 3rd, we're doing one "story behind the song" video per day, where our singer will give a bit more insight about the overall theme... here's the first two:

    It's been over a year since we started writing, and four months since I finished the recording so I'm a little excited that it's almost ready for release. Anyways, I'm a daily reader on here, I just don't post too much - I hope this doesn't come across as spam!

    Any and all questions about the recording process, guitars, turkey etc, I'll be delighted to answer.

    \m/ Steve \m/

    Edit - And now the third one:

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    Looking forward to this, Steve - thanks!
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    Aw hell yes! On a phone right now but will definitely crank these up properly later on! You guys rip!

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    Awesome news!!!

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    I liked your old stuff, so I'm looking forward to this.

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    Cheers, guys, much appreciated

    Here's Chapter 4 - find out what happened to The One That Got Away

    Chapter 5 - I Know Your Pain

    Chapter 6 - Seven Sins

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