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    JON GOMM - Gloria

    Thought there might be some interest in a new video/pay what you want single my brother has released. It's a nostalgic country waltz about an ex-girlfriend, her skinhead Dad and amorous mother.

    It's had some great feedback from Steve Lukather and Tommy Lee. Wilma, my brother's guitar, is signed by Steve Vai. I always remember him playing electric when I was a kid and seeing Iron Maiden posters everywhere, it's in his blood and I wanted to share this with metal fans, who he fucking loves.


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    Thanks for sharing, Rob. Your brother is a monster player and while I know him and Wilma are pretty much inseparable, I'd love to hear Jon's ideas on electric someday.

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    Your brother is Jon Gomm? No shit. Dude's a monster. I'll check this out tonight!
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    Just put Jon Gomm on with some wine and you are sure to score, I got sticky fingers to Passionflower, no pun intended. Your brother rocks!!!!
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    I saw him at Techfest last year, nothing quite like a room packed full of metalheads singing along to his Chaka Khan cover.

    I love Jon's stuff, brilliant brilliant player.

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