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Thread: NOGMCDs – New Old Guitar Magazine Collection Days

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    NOGMCDs – New Old Guitar Magazine Collection Days

    Partially inspired by this post of Chris’ from when Skolnick was selling off his old music magazines, I went on a big binge recently, roughly doubling the size of my collection of guitar magazines:

    Massive thanks to my better half for driving 7 (seven) hours in each direction to the capital to pick up about 350 old guitar magazines for me. These included a collection of Guitar Player magazines complete from late 1987 to 2013. W00T!

    The picture isn’t too exciting: basically just five cardboard packing boxes full of stuffed magazine files and organisers.

    Condition is really great, as far as I've seen even all the Soundpage recordings are still intact and in the magazines!

    I've not been through everything yet, but it should mean that I now have a complete set of Paul Gilbert's Terrifying Guitar 101 column, a true classic (if almost impossible to play).

    And I'll answer the FAQ* in my OP: yes, I actually read these old magazines I collect from cover to cover. More than once, usually. And I work on the transcriptions and workshops, too, where I can.

    Then over 30 (thirty!) kilos of old guitar mags arrived from Tyne and Wear, and from Maryland! I paid much more for the postage than for the product.

    Maryland was just 8 Guitar for the Practicing Musician mags from 1989 (the Reb Beach cover at last!).

    It's a real mixed bag from Whitley Bay, several different titles, even some bass mags, from the early 80s to the present.

    Considering giving up modern guitar mags to concentrate on issues from the past. It's a night-and-day quality difference. The journalism used to be so much better!

    I was reading this on the train to work today:

    In the interview, Yngwie reveals that he, too, collects Guitar Player Magazine, saying “I also read and still have almost every issue of Guitar Player since 1975”. That’s ten years’ worth of mags there! I feel a little better about my habit, being in such esteemed company...

    *The taxi driver who conveyed the mags from the seller's flat in the low-emission zone to our stinky car, which is not allowed in, wanted to know this. He said it was the oddest fare he'd had in years.

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    Bassists have their own magazine? But, they can't read?!
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    Yeah, I know, right?! There are even three different titles for bass players on that table! I think only one of them is still in print.

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    That's an awesome haul.

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    This is awesome and makes me miss my old collection that looks to be about the same size.

    My uncle had been a subscriber to *every* guitar/music magazine from the 70's...actually, he's probably still getting Guitar Player to this day. In 1998 he went into the army and was beyond sick of lugging and finding storage for all those guitar mags so he gave them to me, since I was using it as a library anyway. My dad sold them all on me at a yard sale while I was on vacation.

    Pre-internet days, those mags were IT. I used to study those things like bibles. I remember I went up to my uncle's apartment shortly after he gave me the collection and I had the mags with the Soundpage's of "Cliffs Of Dover" and "The Attitude Song" and asked him if he even realized he had this stuff, being that he was a huge fan of both those guys, but I kind of knew he became a fan after those were printed.

    "Oh shit! No!"

    He almost took them back but reasoned that he didn't even have a record player. Man, I wish I still had that stuff.

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    I recently recycled a 3' stack of these things.

    I kept the best interviews and most interesting lessons/riff retrospectives, but I realized that most of my collection wasn't going to be ever read again. The Ultimate Whiskey In A Jar Lesson BY KIRK HAMMETT no longer piques my interest.
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    I can't bring myself to throw away the magazines I have from when I started playing. It's mostly Guitarist, Total Guitar and Guitar Techniques. They are still taking up space in my parents house. Everytime I look at them now I see loads of stuff from bands I'm into now but wasn't really into at all when I got them so when I read them now it's like a different magazine! It's crazy because in those pages are the licks and lessons I learned that pretty much formed my playing. I stopped getting them as the internet got better and more tabs and tools went up online. I'll probably hang onto them for years!
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    Great haul! I'm a bit of a collector myself.

    I know you can read a lot of stuff on the web nowadays but some of those old articles and adverts are priceless.

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