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Thread: First attempt at multicam live video!

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    First attempt at multicam live video!

    My band played at a festival the other day and we decided to try and set up 3 cameras and it worked out fine... The sound could have been better, but the mixing desk was that stupid digital type with no separate outputs per channel (and I just bought myself a Cymatic Live-Recorder 16 for multitracking live performances... fuck digital mixing desks!!! unless they have tons of Direct Outs)

    Enough bitching, I think it turned out fine
    I'm the guy with white guitar, of course.

    The singer is a hired-gun for this show, since I have had trouble with singing myself lately due to weak-ass vocal cords... That kinda sucks. But Mikey did a pretty good job!

    Prepare for dual shredding craziness at 2:08

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    Jesus, dude! Can you stop making the rest of us look like imbeciles?! Not my cuppa tea, but damn can you boys play.

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    Rocka as fucked as you are, you're a true Defender of the Faith.
    Learn to be quick anyone can be slow

    Do you look at the toilet paper after you wipe?

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    I give this 5 Zhao's up!

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    Thanks guys

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    A record five frickin Zhao's... you did it man! Whos the guy that told you to post more music?? Me. Your welcome.
    Vag Jackson, Man Of Action

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    RR, you DESTROY guitars on and off the stage.

    All kidding about your tech work aside, your band melts faces. Congratulations. \m/

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    this isnt my thing but you clearly destroy on guitar

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