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Thread: Cleaning out my room and found these

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    Cleaning out my room and found these

    My parents are finally selling the house I grew up in as a teenager. My stuff has been cleaned out from there since I was 18; however, I was doing a once over before Salvation Army showed up to take everything away, and I found the below. Glad I double checked. I can't count the number of hours I spent as a teenager watching these tapes. Lol @ the copyrights on some of these. Fuck, I'm old. That sucks.

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    Dude, the Portnoy and Petrucci vids...I used to have a looping feature on my VCR and would put them on repeat when I went to sleep. Same with Portnoy's Liquid Drum Theater videos. The Yngwie VHS I had a dub of that my uncle gave me when I first started playing, I never learned a thing from it because I'd just watch it as entertainment, that shit was like mythical at the time for me, I didn't think it were possible for another human to play like that.

    I wore out 2 copies of Eric Johnson's Total Electric Guitar, too. That, I actually learned a lot from and it was essentially the cornerstone of my playing.

    My best friend's dad owned a drum shop in Maine, (Mainely Drumz), when he got those Portnoy vids in we skipped school and spent the rest of the day watching them on repeat. I eventually got my own copies just to add to the growing pile of anything DT related I could get my hands on.

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    Yea, I can relate and empathize. Guitar was the second instrument I learned after drums, but drums was always first in my interests. The Portnoy and Petrucci videos were legitimately educating, in addition to being entertaining. I learned a lot from watching those. The Yngwie video was just lulzy as fuck and fun to watch, because no one besides him (much less kids learning to play) could get anything out of that video. I'm pretty envious you had a looper function on your VCR. I would have killed for one of those back then.

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