Very short and very depressing piece i wrote!

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Thread: Very short and very depressing piece i wrote!

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    Very short and very depressing piece i wrote!

    Hey kids! So i was browsing around old project files and found this soundtrack piece i wrote last year for a film project with Ben Gibson​. I had totally forgotten about it, so i listened to it with fresh ears and found i really liked it. Extremely and brutally depressing. Uploaded it to my soundcloud for you all to scope out. All Ibanez Guitars​ and Kemper Amps​! Enjoy!

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    Not bad, I could fall asleep to that at night it is nice a mellow.

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    Sounds like it should be playing behind a shot of dusty cowboy boots shuffling through the desert - John Carpenter's Vampires, etc.

    Pretty cool.
    All I can ask is that I suck a little less each time I pick up my guitar...

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