New Grave and some other upcoming Death Metal releases...

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Thread: New Grave and some other upcoming Death Metal releases...

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    New Grave and some other upcoming Death Metal releases...

    so well grave's releasing another album this october. sounds like grave. no complaints there. but at the same time it sounds a little too familiar which depeding on your interests may or may not be a good thing.

    since this is the only thread where death metal will most likely be mentioned i figured i'll discuss some other releases aswell. so yeah, other than that seems like some decent bands will be releasing albums aswell

    Horrendous is releasing a new album this year aswell called anareta . i enjoyed their last one fair bit. but i do miss their aggressive side that was evident on their first album.

    Putrevore is also releasing a new album aswell. the only thing i really enjoy from rogga johannson. the man should take a break and focus on good projects instead of being in 80 different bands simultaneously. this happens to be one of those bands and i enjoy it quite a bit.

    and cruciamentum already released an incredible album earlier this month. and what an album it is. this is exactly my kind of death metal. if you haven't heard it, give it a listen.

    and here's the full album

    so any of you folks looking forward to anything specific or have already heard of anything great yet. i have been a little out of touch with death metal this year and only begun looking into this years releases.

    Oh and as always how do i embed the videos.

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    The only dm release I'm waiting for is Deeds Of Flesh.
    Their last album Portals To Canaan kicked so much ass it's ridiculous. Nothing comes close imo

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    new Grave is always good news and cheers to those dudes for making the only lyric videos i can actually enjoy.
    i really liked the stuff from Putrevore and Cruciamentum…didn't know of either of those bands. Good post.
    i haven't heard a whole lot of releases from this year, but you'd probably enjoy this. Crushing local band

    and to embed the videos just get rid of the 'S' from the https and it'll embed

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