Malmsteen Explaining Why Metallica, Satriani, Death and Dream Theater Suck

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Thread: Malmsteen Explaining Why Metallica, Satriani, Death and Dream Theater Suck

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    Malmsteen Explaining Why Metallica, Satriani, Death and Dream Theater Suck

    A friend pointed this out to me and I had a few good laughs reading it. Hope it wasn't already posted:

    Its an interview from 1994 for Guitar World Mag, probably some read it at the time (I didn't) and some weren't even born at the time

    "The singer sounds like he's siting on a toilet seat, pushing a big one. I can't stand it!"--- Talking about Chuck Schuldiner

    Theres also another one from 1985 about Heavy Metal:

    "I really detest it. It's disgusting, and it's really boring, and it's very low, and it's totally free from any intelligence or logic or emotions. It's all crap, and it's for little frustrated pre-puberty kids. And I'm really fed up with it."

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    Ah, Yngwie, the Trump of guitarists.

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    I remember reading that 1994 interview in the mag. He's just doing the same sort of shit-talking we do here, and I agree with a lot of what he says. Not the part about Lars being a great drummer, of course.

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    I read this. And yeah, I know everyone bags on Lars for his drumming - I'm frankly not experienced enough to know the difference.

    I dislike Lars because he's a penis.
    All I can ask is that I suck a little less each time I pick up my guitar...

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    Its funny him talking shit about Metal, when he was Metal... Or does he considered himself Classical Music at the time?

    When I was watching Andy Timmons clinic someone asked him about what other guitar players he looks up and admire, heroes etc and what where his best shows.

    He talked about a few but theres to many he loves and he talked about Malmsteen regarding playing, he said he went to see him live for the first time a couple year ago, and though he was amazing live and he is amazing because he believes he really is the best guitar player that ever existed, and thats that spirit that makes him a great performer. Giving everything on that present show is always the best show.

    Saw Malmsteen only once in mid/late 90's, here he played for 200 (or less) crowd. Even though it was the super fat can barely move around Malmsteen and noticeable drunk, he played great and it was a nice show.

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    I think this gets posted about once a year, but that's okay, because it's always still funny.

    I saw Yngwie at G3 one year and it was hilarious. Dude can play no doubt, but they all jammed on some Hendrix tunes at the end and it was absurd. Vai and Satch would be rocking out together, playing off each other and laying down some tasty, bluesy shred, and Yngwie was just running around, rock star-ing it up in his frilly shirt, running wild on that harmonic minor and completely ignoring everyone else on the stage.

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    The thing Ive always wondered about this interview was that the likelihood of Malmsteen not immediately recognizing a Joe Satriani song (and The Mighty Turtle Head isn't exactly a huge departure for him) is, IMO, almost zero. This HAS to be a setup.
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    You know, every time I read articles like this I think about the videos I've watched of him interviewing or whatever, and he's always polite, respectful, and smart. Contrary to stuff I've read. Makes me wonder how much of what's written is truth.
    He just doesn't seem as dumb as articles like this would have you believe. Not to mention the way media like to twist things around.

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