Dealings with AMS? Anyone?

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Thread: Dealings with AMS? Anyone?

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    Dealings with AMS? Anyone?

    I've about got my wifey talked into a new LP, but I'll have to do it on credit (probably hers ). She also insists I buy from a place like this for warranty purposes. Yes I'm whipped. Anyway, American Musical Supply is where I'll most likely be going, because #1 they have a 12 mo. option, #2 they have a fallback option of 3 pay where I won't need credit, and I'll get it as soon as the first payment hits. The plan is, if her credit flies, for the 12 mo. I'll get a proper Gibson LP Studio . If her credit bombs, I'll 3 pay an Epi. LP Plus Top Pro for $150. the next 3 months . Has anyone here dealt with AMS? If so, are they pretty good? I've bought from Sweetwater and Musician's Friend, but never from these guys. Tell me your experiences.
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    I love AMS and Sweetwater, both are excellent and have great customer service. Sweetwater sends you candy, which is nice.

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    ams is fine.

    but really, try saving for it first.
    just passing through....

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    Quote Originally Posted by briansol View Post
    ams is fine.

    but really, try saving for it first.
    2nd on both counts

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    Yeah I agree save up for it.

    Plus the guitars you are talking about are reasonably common, you could conceivably save up and buy them used thus spending less money and time to pay it off.

    A year of deferred payment is a long time. A lot could happen in that time which could fuck with your ability to pay it back.

    Is it possible to borrow a guitar in the meantime?

    Sorry I know I sound like an old cautious dude, but that's because I am.

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    I'd definitely go Sweetwater over AMS. They have 24 month 0% (the only way I'd ever charge anything) credit.
    Disclaimer: I work ultra part-time for a local music gear dealer

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    If I'm ordering something new I'm going with Sweetwater. The customer service is second to none, they send you Smarties and a couple Fireballs and their no interest is great.

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    I've ordered gear from both. AMS delivered quickly and the price was reasonable.

    Sweetwater did as well, but called after the sale to make sure everything went well and followed up with a call some months later to check on the product (it was a guitar case.)

    Sweetwater CS definitely went the extra mile to make sure I was happy.
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