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Thread: Abhorrent Decimation- Death Metal

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    Abhorrent Decimation- Death Metal

    Hey guys, I haven't seen much talk of these guys on here oddly enough, so I thought I'd see if any MG users know Abhorrent Decimation?
    For those who don't, they're a Death Metal band from London and they kick ARSE. They're kind of like one of those modern blast beat DM bands but with fat, chunky riffs and sick lead guitars. I haven't heard much that sounds like them and they always put on a killer performance.
    Here's a link to their album stream if anyone's interested:

    (Would recommend Glaciate The Servants, Souls Of Sedation, The Icon Of Loss and Terminal Reality in particular)
    The above comment may or may not be about Morbid Angel.

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    good stuff!

    reminds me of some of the faster pestilence tracks

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    I like! Kind of wish the "singer lol" would leave a few more moments to the music alone, but that's just a general complaint I have with 90+% of DM/BM.

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