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Thread: I love this Trivium song

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    I love this Trivium song

    Maybe 2 other guys on this site like this band, but this is just awesome. Heafy's vocals are just great on this one and it has a classic metal vibe to it, for me.

    I dig

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    Trivium are my fave band of all time...Shogun is the main reason I bought my 7 string - so I Could learn all the songs.

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    this is bad......even for Trivium

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    Wirelessly posted

    I love trivium for shogun. I'm not a fan of anything else. How they managed to put out a Cd as fanatic as shogun, and then be so bland comparatively is beyond me. Crap, that Cd was so good.

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    Oh woops, this isn't off of shogun. I posted that on the wap site. I haven't heard this one. I'll listen.

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    I don't know if i would call myself a fan or not, but my girlfriend bought me both his six and seven string signature Epiphone Les Pauls last year, unfortunately they are both signed, the seven string by just Matt Heafy, the six string is signed by everyone in Trivium Matt Heafy, Paul Wandtke, Paolo Gregoletto, and Corey Beaulieu. So as you can imagine I'm scared to look at the damn things let alone touch them, and of course they have signed them over the finish, and there is no lacquer or any other form of finish or protection ontop of the autographs to protect them, I really hate that about autographed guitars.

    What gets me though is Matt Heafy makes this huge deal about not just getting a seven strig guitar made for him as his signature guuitar, but a seven string Les Paul none the less, and the guy barely uses it, you can count on one hand the number of tracks he has written or plays that requires a seven string. And don't get me started on the weight of the thing, it weigh more, and I mean a lot more than every double neck guitar I have, it weighs about twice if not more than my R0's, the damn thin excerts it's own field of gravity. But it does have a really nice necvk joint on it.
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    I liked trivium when "pull harder on the strings of your martyr" was released and then proceeded not to follow up. I keep getting told that Shogun is a great record, but I haven't listened to it.
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