Virtuosos: where do you stand on which?

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Thread: Virtuosos: where do you stand on which?

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    Virtuosos: where do you stand on which?

    The Jeff beck thread has provoked this. I'll leave a set blank for copy/ paste. I AM forgetting people, so I'll update it as I go. This is basically for shits and giggles and to see where everyone stands. I set it up for yes/no, but MG being MG elaborated hyperbolic responses are always welcome.

    Old school :
    Vai: yep
    Satch: yep
    Yngiwie: ehhhh
    Paul Gilbert: die in a fire pretentious cock
    Andy Timmons: fuck yes
    Slash: eh
    Zakk Wylde:
    Petrucci: yep
    Gambale: yep
    Lynch: yep
    EVH: duh
    Eric Johnson: yep
    Clapton: Zzz... Zzz pentatonic run Zzz...

    Abasi: was skeptical, but yes
    Aaron Marshall: yep
    Angel Vivaldi: <3
    Guthrie Govan: absofuckinglutely
    Marco Sfogli: see above

    Old school :
    Paul Gilbert:
    Andy Timmons:
    Zakk Wylde:
    Eric Johnson:

    Aaron Marshall:
    Angel Vivaldi:
    Guthrie Govan:
    Marco Sfogli:

    Again, many missing, just an off the top of my head thing.

    Fuck Paul Gilbert.
    ^ probably sarcasm.

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    Forgot MacAlpine, Moore, Becker, all of whom get thumbs up in my book.

    I don't think Wylde is what I'd call a 'virtuoso' considering I've never heard him doing anything besides pentatonic "shredding," but I also haven't checked out Book of Shadows so maybe it's all hidden on there. Same could be said for Slash and EVH. They can certainly play lead stuff and I enjoy their work, but when I think virtuoso, I think of someone trying to make it as their own name and not as part of a band. (edit: I realize Eddie played for a band with his last name, but you know what I mean )

    That being said, the only ones on there I don't care for are Abasi and Clapton, and I haven't heard enough of Gamble and Lynch to have an opinion. No clue who Aaron Marshall is so I'd be neutral there.

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    I used virtuoso loosely. I mean guys who could play G3 and hang essentially, touring players who are well known. Poster dudes. But agreed. I threw slash and then in there for good measure. Check out Aaron Marshall, man. Not everyone's cup of tea but.

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    This thread will end in a flame war.
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    My guitar guys would be different. I'm not much into shredding, so I guess I haven't taken the time to familiarize myself.
    All I can ask is that I suck a little less each time I pick up my guitar...

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    Zak Wylde is definitely a virtuouso, those pentatonic runs he does and Chickin-Picking licks he does are ridiculous.

    Nuno BettenCourt
    John SYKES
    Doug Aldrich
    Kiko Loureiro
    Matthias Eklundh
    Stephan Forte
    Richie Kotzen
    Rusty Cooley
    Shawn Lane
    Brett Garsed
    Allan Holdsworth
    Al Di Meola
    Jason Becker

    All these players just encompass different techniques that other players may or may not be able to do.
    Example: very few players are as fast as Shawn Lane. He had a special gift.
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    Greg Howe & Reb Beach too.
    Flipping Michael Lee Firkins.

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