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Thread: Rocka Rollas - 2016 version of FIGHT FOR THE LOUD

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    Rocka Rollas - 2016 version of FIGHT FOR THE LOUD

    I have to stop singing for a while because I might have misused my fucking voice and I can't sing high notes anymore, and voice sounds weird too

    Anyway here's what I managed to get together before the problems started;

    The idea was to record two new albums for 2016, one completely new, and one with some old but good material that hasn't been recorded before, and also a couple of updates on old songs that can benefit from better production and performance.


    This band is fucking on hold, we need a singer! I have tried finding a singer for 2 years and all singers we find SUCKS ASS or are just TERRIBLE PERSONS!!!!! OR EVEN WORSE: TERRIBLE PERSONS THAT SUCKS ASS!

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    This is just FUN music, dude. Nice!
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    Too bad you can't sing anymore, you sounded good !
    Maybe you can try to get some singing lessons : a lot of rock / metal singers broke their voice and had to take lessons to learn how to prevent injuries !

    By the way, cool tune !

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    This kind of singing is a bit over the top for my taste, but dude you had a nice voice for the kind of music. Yeah go take lessons to tame down the vocal cords and dont fuck them up.

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    Rocka, you are my fav MG'r

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    Wirelessly posted

    How did you lose your voice? Yelling at your keyboard?

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