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Thread: New Gorguts!

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    New Gorguts!

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    They played the entire ep when I saw them live couple of weeks back. Love me some Gorguts!

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    Ant wait to pick this up

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    17:30-21:30 👌 Dude could score films.

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    Saw a video about the making of their last release : they work in a very unique way i think, it's interesting.
    They didn't use a metronome, in a way to keep their own pace and don't get influenced by an "artificial" tempo track ... 99% of us, human beings, can't do the same without being completely off beat .

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    Can't wait to listen to the new EP. Gorguts is untouchable and the undisputed kings of modern death metal.

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    Psyched to see them in Portland this month. Anybody else going?

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