Do you use Apple Music? Might want to read this.

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Thread: Do you use Apple Music? Might want to read this.

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    Do you use Apple Music? Might want to read this.

    I don't use the service, and this guarantees I won't be. Side note, I need a portable disc drive so I can rip my CD's to my library (again).
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    Amazon gives you non-proprietary MP3s without any DRM, and has no ability to delete them from you. In fact they store them in an app you can re-download from at any time to any device.

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    Fuck me... are they setting the tone for a draconian future. I've always avoided iTunes because I think the software and interface suck, now I see that suck is coming top down.

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    I don't know, to me that sounds exactly like something Apple would do.
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    Its attitudes like this from Apple that made me never buy anything from them, glad I didn't got that iPad I was thinking 2 months ago.

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    100% of the MP3s I've purchased I've gotten off Amazon. I'm pretty satisfied with them. Most MP3s, though, I just rip off CDs. The idea that Apple would delete your own music is pretty infuriating, but luckily I was never going to use Apple Music anyway even if this problem didn't exist.

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