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    The Death Metal dream

    I've been looking through videos of bands I like, as usual and today has been a bit of a Morbid Angel spree. Jesus H. Christ. Live videos like the one below are imo the very pinnacle of Extreme Metal. What's not to love about long hair, Ibanez Universes, David Vincent in beastmode, Sandoval bringing the full assault behind the kit and a mental crowd with crowd surfers aplenty? My dream, which I guess will never happen is to play a show like that. It's just off the hook.
    The above comment may or may not be about Morbid Angel.

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    Man i loved Rutan in Morbid. And Dave before the Vinyl shirt bullshit. Trey, before he thought he was a rockstar. yup. this is indeed a proper Morbid Angel
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    That's a great video/set - that was filmed at the old Rich's nightclub here in Houston, one of those shows I missed and could kick myself for not going to.

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    I just saw Rutan here in Houston tonight with hate eternal. Honestly the most stage dives and crowd surfs I've ever witnessed before. It was a small venue and he started out by pointing to the middle of the stage and telling the crowd the stage is yours. Epic shit. And he brought a local guy afflicted with terminal cancer to do vocals on the last song. Respect. Rutan is the man

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    fucking killer! i wish i could have caught the domination tour. so many epic songs up until that album, and with the vincent beast growl. my first MA show was on the Formula's tour, which was great, but i *think* I remember the setlist being light on Domination songs.... at the time Trey didn't like Dave's influence on that particular album... anyway.... great vid!

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