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Thread: Rev Drucifer's 'Volatile Gentleman' Album Ramblings

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    Rev Drucifer's 'Volatile Gentleman' Album Ramblings

    Since I quit my last band, I've been putting together some songs for my own album. I knew going into this that I didn't even want to think about other musicians or bands or anything, I just wanted to get all this done on my own because I don't feel I have much out there that represents who *I* am as a musician. I hate most of what I've done in the studio previously because I've never been happy with the mixes or the actual recordings themselves, blah blah..

    Some days I have to force myself to pick up my guitar. My mental energy is often drained due to work and I have to remind myself that having my own little studio is something I've wanted for 15 years and now that I have it, I'm being an asshole by not using it. There's been a lot of personal ass kicking going on in the last few weeks. But I've learned that I can force inspiration out of myself and it's really paying off.

    I'm constantly getting a kick out of what comes out. I've fully learned to stop second guessing myself, thanks to Devin Townsend. There's a difference between knowing something isn't right and when you're just being self-critical. It's a fine line but when you get to a certain place, it comes quick. This has caused a lot of happy accidents that has moved things along, keeping the inspiration running at times.
    The music is all heavy, but in different variations. Some is more modern, Soilwork/Devildriver sounding and some straight up rips off Alice In Chains. This definitely won't be an instrumental record. I don't think I have one of those in me yet.

    For drums I'm using EZDrummer and the piano roll in Logic. I'm capable enough as a drummer to write actual drum parts, rather than a guitarist interpretation of drum parts. What I can't find or modify in EZDrummer, I just write. I couldn't find a groove for this one AIC sounding tune, so I just wrote the entire drum track, click by click. Sometimes I get lucky and out of the 50,000 MIDI files I have, I can get a whole tune done with just those and light editing.

    For guitars I'm using LePou's plug-ins and a few IR's I've collected. I've got WAY too many IR's and found 2 that I dig, so I'm not even opening those files again until it's time to mix because I already spent about 12 hours listening to cabinets and got nothing done. I'm so stoked with LePou's amps, though. I opened an older GB file that I had used Revalver in, changed the amps and cabs and HOLY SHIT! For the most part, I've been sticking with the 5150, Recto and Ecstasy sims into Mesa and Marshall cabs.

    I've had to get my bass chops up a bit to even track some of these parts, but that's half the fun. Overall, it's been a wonderful experience with a LOT of self-discovery. I don't even know where a lot of this music comes from, I'm surprised when I listen back and think "Who fucking put this together? Not you!?".

    If any of you have been wanting to do something like this, then go for it full steam ahead, man. The growing and learning experience is worth the effort alone and when you get to listen back to a cool tune you've been busting your ass off on, it's even cooler.

    Also- all of you who have been putting out your own records have been an instrumental influence on this, so thanks, gents!

    Working on a solo and my fingers dying-
    Practicing a riff on bass-

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