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Thread: Your favourite album openers?

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    Your favourite album openers?

    Not even necessarily the whole track. Sometimes, when you check out an album for the first time, that "holy fuck!" feeling you get when you hear the first chunk of the first track really sticks with you.

    Here are a couple that have stuck in mind from over the years...

    The rest of the album (and even the rest of the track really) isn't that great, but the first minute or so of this track is phenomenal. Totally took my face of.

    This one, although cheesy as fuck, prompted me to buy the album...

    I was working in a music store at the time, and I threw this album on the stereo in the stock room whilst pricing up, and it made me laugh it was so metal
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    Then that kicks right into Into The Storm and it's glorious.

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    excuse the band, i know most of you will hate them, but i loved this intro - its practically perfect to me.


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    This one always sends me into rage mode

    "Somebody's gettin' choked
    'Cos now its time to pay the piper
    Bums are the type of shit that's in a diaper
    Don't make me have to call a sniper
    And wipe your brains off my windshield wiper, you dirty bug"

    -Fred Durst

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    Was this even a question? Painkiller is the album opener to end all album openers. One of the most perfect songs ever written. Genre defining. If I had to show someone one metal song it would be that.

    Off the top of my head here is the rest of the cream of the crop.

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    The only album opener I would call as iconic as Painkiller.

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