Paul Gilbert with a Kemper & Stories.

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Thread: Paul Gilbert with a Kemper & Stories.

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    Paul Gilbert with a Kemper & Stories.

    So this is groovy. Paul Gilbert has made some videos called "SCARIFIED: The Terrifying Tales of Paul Gilbert."

    These videos consists of PG shredding and telling some interesting stories from throughout his career.

    So check these vids out. They're really awesome. THE RUSH story is crazy cool!

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    The one with the fringes >>>>>>>>>>

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    I find it HIGHLY annoying that it's made for 24 frets but has a few frets cut out

    Actually, I'm a sucker for "weird" solutions, and I love his "one string" neck on that double RG, but I can't get over the "cut away frets" thing... If it was "added frets" it would be a whole different story, haha!

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    Thank you for posting this, now I have something to listen to while working

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    Thanks for posting! I'ma bingewatch dis.

    Seems the first five are here: Watch Paul Gilbert Shred on Mr. Guitar in New 'Scarified' Video Series | Guitar World

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    I'm also going to go back and binge watch these...somehow I missed them! I try to never miss anything PG.

    Thanks for posting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocka_Rollas View Post
    I find it HIGHLY annoying that it's made for 24 frets but has a few frets cut out
    Paul has a ton of guitars that were subsequently modified with different pickups, different bridges, etc. I don't think it was made for 24 frets… if you look at the photos, it originally had a mini-humbucker in the neck position, and later had a single coil.

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    Thanks for posting these. Just had time to watch the Rush one, but if the rest are like that one, I GOTTA watch them all!

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