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Thread: Gojira - Magma

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    Gojira - Magma

    Been listening to it all day, freaking NICE Album!!

    Full stream link:


    To buy on the weekend!

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    Yeah I gave it a couple listens. I can't say its my favorite Gojira album but its pretty damn good.

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    I'm pretty on the fence about this. I picked it up today, but haven't sat down with it yet.

    I didn't like the first released track with the gimmicky whammy and poppy chorus. Silvera sounds better (i.e. more like Gojira), but it's also just kind of stock Gojira at this point. This track sounds like Gojira again. Interested to see which way the hammer will fall on this LP.

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    I'm on my second listen and it's just not doing anything for me, but a lot of other people seem to dig it so

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    I wish they'd opened with Silvera > The Cell, THEN did Shooting Star since it would be a nice change of pace right before Stranded. Yellow Stone is pretty weak as an interlude sort of track, and I could ditch Liberation all together.

    Those criticisms aside, I do enjoy the album.

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    Sounds like Gojira. I personally think you'd have a hard time saying this is some kind of weird transitional kind of album as people were trying to characterize it as, though I guess I'll go as far as saying it's got a couple of diverse elements, but they're limited in frequency and scope. Like I said, still sounds like a Gojira.

    I personally would've liked to hear the ratio of heavy to subdued tracks to dip more on the heavy side, but that's just my own selfish opinion.
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    It's fine, and if The Way of all Flesh didn't exist then I'd probably think Magma is great, but it just isn't as good after you've listened to TWOAF.

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    it gets better the more you listen. Its more laid back and sorrowful than the last album.

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