Amazing Gojira live. Pro-shot for French TV (Arte)

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Thread: Amazing Gojira live. Pro-shot for French TV (Arte)

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    Amazing Gojira live. Pro-shot for French TV (Arte)

    So we have a great TV channel in France called "Arte", which is regarded by a lot of people in my country as "too cultural" : they actually are the only TV channel in France that talks about Metal, and all "non-mainstream" forms of expression.

    Anyway, they just released a 70 minutes long private show of Gojira they shot earlier this month, enjoy !

    Gojira en concert privé | ARTE Concert (i don't know if it's going to work outside EU).

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    Fuck yeah!
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    Quick Translation of the video description :
    To give you an idea of how Gojira is percieved in France.

    Spoiler Alert : le texte ci-dessous va démonter deux idées reçues, une vérité que les plus sensibles d’entre nous ne seront peut-être pas à même d’accepter.
    Spoiler Alert : the following text will destroy two received ideas, a truth that the more sensibles of us might not be able to accept.

    Idée n°1 : La musique française ne s’exporte pas.
    Idée n°2 : Les métalleux sont d’énormes brutes mangeurs de viande crue, affectionnant particulièrement la saccage de notre chère couche d’ozone avec leurs rutilantes machines de l’enfer.
    Idea N°1 : French music doesn't export well
    Idea N°2 : Metalheads are raw meat-eating bullies, loving very much to destroy our ozone layer with their shinny hell machines.

    S’il est vrai que notre chère variété française a du mal à séduire l’étranger (c’est pas faute d’essayer), les métalleux de Gojira - originaires des Landes et du Pays Basque - nous prouvent qu’on peut manger de l’Ossau Iraty toute son enfance et vendre des disques de métal aux américains.
    While it is true that our beloved French mainstream music have difficulties to sell abroad (even if we try very hard), the metalheads of Gojira - coming from Les Landes and the Pays Basque [South West of France] - proves us that you can eat Ossau Iraty [A dish from where Gojira come from] during all of your childhood and sell metal records to the Americans.

    Une notoriété qui fait de la bande aux frères Duplantier l’un de membres de l’aristocratie métal mondiale, et que le groupe met à profit de la cause écologique en enregistrant notamment un EP pour l’ONG Sea Shepherd.
    A fame that makes the Duplantier's brothers band a member of the worldwide metal artistocracy, and that the band uses to benefit of the ecologic cause, in perticular by recording en EP for the NGO Sea Shepherd.

    Des rocs au cœur de guimauve donc, qui profitent d’une halte au pays pour nous présenter leur 6eme album Magma au cours d’une session privée filmée par les caméras d'ARTE Studio.
    So, Rock-solid guys with soft hearts, who takes the opportunity of a short stop in the homeland to present us their 6th album Magma in a private session shot by the ARTE Studio cameras.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whale View Post
    (i don't know if it's going to work outside EU).
    France taking digs at the UK already

    edit: vid worked for me. Sweet. I really like how they marked all the songs on the vid timeline.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheKindred View Post
    France taking digs at the UK already
    I was sure someone would say that
    But no, I was just saying that because Arte is an "European" Tv Channel (French & German in fact) so their internet broadcast might be only available inside EU.
    Apparently not, that's very cool thanks for the feedback.

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    Thank you for the Link!

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    This is AWESOME.
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    Feel free to message me.

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    It sounds and looks amazing!!

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