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Thread: Andy Timmons' "Plays Sgt Pepper" album

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    Andy Timmons' "Plays Sgt Pepper" album

    Hey guys! Long time Andy Timmons thread responder, first time Andy Timmons thread starter.

    I picked up a copy of Plays Sgt Pepper a few weeks ago, and am just now getting around to listening to it . I've been pretty busy, and haven't been playing much guitar, but anyways, this album is amazing. It wasn't available on his website, so I grabbed it on ebay. That Mesa vid of him running through Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was probably my real break into his style, and this disc is pretty amazing.

    I also grabbed the recently released Resolution Live, and his website said the first 500 would be signed, and I guess I'm in the first 500!

    I need to do some practicing

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    Got this a while back and it is fucking incredible. Front to back nonstop badassery.
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    Just watched the Lucy Video on the Mesa Channel.

    I grew up around this music in Liverpool but to hear it done like that is stunning.
    Great, great player and a really musical approach to a cover version too.


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    Love Andy. Resolution was a great record. I gotta check out that live dvd.
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    I got him to sign a physical copy for me when I met him at paul gilbert's camp. That album is amazing.

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    Its the only Album of him that wasn't signed (and don't physically own) when he was doing a Clinic n Portugal late last year. I didn't had the money to purchase it at the Clinic and they(Andy crew) couldn't take Card because they were operating apart from the Store (and no ATM near). So i had to choose at the time and bought the other two

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    Heres some very interesting and In Depth videos about this Album:

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