I recall some of you guys like DGM! They more of a straight-ahead Progressive Metal band like Symphony X.
They've had Russell Allen & Michael Romeo on two albums. Romeo's guest solo is INSANE like anytime he guests on anyone's album.

Anyway, I think some of you guys would really enjoy this album. It's a concept album. The concept: There's a melody (I've yet to figure out) that is in each song but it changes and is used differently.

Simone Mularoni (Guitarist) holds his own and produced these last two albums incredibly well. His tone, riffs and solos are bloody insane too.
Love this band and the guys did a phenomenal job writing. Hope you guys dig it! The track with Tom Englund is fantastic too! Love that he is doing something different. Best lyric video I've ever seen if I may add.

(3:40 Romeo ensues... )